Rant: N.W.O – News Without Opinion

News Without Opinion.

Now there’s a novel concept in this day and age. Is it possible to get news without opinion in this mondern age of everyone with an asshole and an opinion being given the platform to express it? It’s not that I begrudge anyone’s right to a platform or venue in which to express themselves. Hell, I’m doing that right now on this very blog. My problem is with general news media, particularly on television and online (do they still even print news these days?).

Sensationalism has been rampant for a while now, so ranting on that is like complaining that water is wet. And I get it: the competition for the general public’s attention, their time, their dollars, their mouse clicks, their Neilsen’s transmission in this age of 24-hour media bombardment…I get it, it’s fierce.

But what I can’t stand, and this has irked me for a while, is a headline and article or verbal report followed by an unsolicited opinion and then the solicitation for mine and everyone else’s opinion. JUST GIVE ME THE FUCKING NEWS! I’m a big boy. I will decide on my own what I think about the information. I don’t NEED nor WANT you or anyone else to tell me what you think, or to put some sly little implication in there that is supposed to SWAY how I should, would, could or do think about it. Also, if I others opinions, I will ask them directly.

My favorite one (i.e. most annoying) is this one: “Wait until you see the SHOCKING video of what happened” or they substitute shocking with CONTROVERSIAL. Just show me the damn footage and I (emphasis I) will decide if it’s shocking or controversial. You saying that it is during the process is your way of trying to lead me to think that a certain way so that I can join in the mass hysteria.

Does anyone believe in independent thinking anymore? I can’t stand that hive-minded, group-think mentality that usually leads to a judgmental mindset along with prejudice-due-to-ignorance of what the information is really about. And say nothing about context. Context is such a lost concept these days.

Just give me the news straight up, please and thank you.

[Editor’s note: it’s very likely that this post will be expanded with more of the same.]