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Pack Rat

wp-15786294759601981533645904357549.jpgAs an artist/creator of stories and music, I keep everything I create. And I do mean everything. If my creations are my children, it’s very much a no child left behind! situation. Heh. My hard drives and archives are filled vastly with many seeds for various projects, be it a story, novel, song or album. To wit: tonight I stumbled across a video recording from early last year of me playing a brand new bass line that’d I’d forgotten all about. As I ramp up my music production activities in these winter months, I’m going to use those two riffs to base a new song around for the BRANDON: UNSUNG instrumental project. Probably add some piano, a little acoustic guitar and maybe the drum machine. That is if I can motivate myself to set up all the equipment again. It’s a bit of a tedious task given that I’ve moved all my creative activities up to the master bedroom (having had to convert what was once my personal study into an additional bedroom, FML.) Regardless I have a busy weekend ahead specifically because I am a pack rat who always has unfinished business.