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Website: Popcorn Fiction (Mulholland Books)

A few months ago while perusing the Mulholland Books website (the suspense fiction imprint of Little, Brown and Company and publisher of notable authors such as Lawrence Block, Joe R. Lansdale, Charlie Huston, Greg Rucka and soon, Warren Ellis), I stumbled across the short fiction blog that they also publish, called POPCORN FICTION, featuring cutting edge fiction that’s mostly in the crime and science fiction genres. I can never have too many crime and suspense fiction stories to read, so naturally I subscribed to be notified when a new story has been posted.

There are some good reads there. Check it out. A new story by Les Bohem just went up on the front page yesterday.

And for any of you working or just aspiring writers out there, here are the submission guidelines for Popcorn Fiction.

Popcorn Fiction
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A Slight Return and, well, More Warren Ellis, of Course

I’ve been a bit busy, distracted and frustrated with any number of other things (like writing stories and other stuff, finally downloading and playing with Adobe’s CS5, a bum knee, a bum car in the shop, looking into buying a new car, several writer’s association meetings, and time with the family just goes without saying – perhaps a more detailed updated later), but I’d rather not talk about me and my troubles as I’d much rather talk about Warren Ellis (yeah, him again).

You can get all this news from his awesome internet home/blogsite, but since I’m araving fanboy of The Man/Writer/Legend/ Internet Jesus, I’m going to share some Ellis news here because that’s just what I do (for free, even!).

It was announced yesterday (April 11, 2011) that Warren Ellis has signed a two-book deal with Little, Brown and Company (via their Mulholland Books Imprint) to publish a crime (and sci-fi?) thriller called Gun Machine (due fall 2012), and another novel to be named later. Ellis wrote a nice little essay about crime and science fiction on the imprint’s website today that’s worth a read.

Quote: “I’m mostly a science fiction writer. I’m sometimes also a crime writer. These are essentially the same thing.”

The Internet Jesus of Our Blessed Times

There’s also a little Q&A session between Ellis and the Naked Nerd, Katherine Curtis.

Okay, that’s it for my slight return. I must retreat back to relative obscurity to tend to my huge list of Things To Do and Shit I Just Gotta Deal With. I imagine that includes finishing up that damned Battle of the Bands beast I created. At least it becomes a smaller beast as it progresses. But…work comes before play.

Or so I’ve been told.