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Image All-Stars Talk Creative Advice, Avoiding Clichés and Fan Fic


“My Dad, the Bill Cosby of Kink” | Thoughts on Sex Criminals #8

Sex Criminals #8 (Image) – SexCrimz never seems to disappoint and it’s undeniably my highest rated series since I’ve started doing the Fetish Favorites here, scoring 5.0 issues more than any other series I read. And it’s never earned a rating lower than 4.0 (out of 5) from me in all its eight issues-so-far run. Just as Velvet is Ed Brubaker writing at his best, Sex Criminals is easily Matt Fraction writing at his very best. Of course, I would be remiss not to mention Chip Zdarsky’s equal contribution to the greatness of this series as its artist (love the way he portrays Suzie Dickson). It’s amazing that despite its rather high concept SexCrimz manages to be a very grounded story thanks to its character-driven qualities. This is enhanced by Fraction’s decision to use multiple first-person narrators. In this issue we also get the internal monologue – and sexual-enlightenment backstory – of new character Robert Rainbow. Speaking of the fellow who maybe could’ve gotten lucky with Suzie, I must say there was a moment there where I thought this book was taking the Sagaroute with the implications of potential illicit relations, but – wait, actually it did do what Saga did since there actually wasn’t any illicit relations (yet). I’m not going to say more, only that I used this issue’s best line in my headline. Actually, there were other candidates, but I try to keep this program in that PG-13 range. – Rating: 5.0 (out of 5)

2013 Fetish Favorites: SEX CRIMINALS — Most Original New Comic Series

To me Sex Criminalsfeels like it was created by direct descendants of both Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame, but minus the Latino aspects. The narrative from a female character’s perspective is very sound and flawless. The sexual aspects handled with skill and great knowing humor. And in the first issue, Suzie’s origin-flashback, the trials and tribulations of youth were informed and executed with accuracy. The high concept of two people who can stop time when they have an orgasm finally finding each other and naively thinking they can use this special power to embark on a life of crime is one of the more unique in the market, set up perfectly for great action, drama, laugh-out-louds and yes, sex to be had in the coming issues of what promises to be a fine ongoing creator-owned series for years to come.
But be forewarned, as the back covers explicitly and boldly state in big letters: “FOR MATURE READERS DUH” And in the smaller letters: “Don’t sell this to a kid, what are you, nuts? Seriously” (issue #1) or “There’s, like, an entire scene that takes place in a sex shoppe” (issue #2). The place where I bought my comics had them bagged-and-boarded as extra security to thwart the wrong young and eager eyes.

Broken News: IMAGE EXPO Program Schedule Announced!

Courtesy of Image’s Kaz Salazar:

Image Expo is only a week away and we have even more exciting updates for attendees including information about the panels and variants that will be available. The program schedule for the event has been finalized and can be viewed on

Upon arrival, all attendees (both general and premium ticket holders) will receive THE WALKING DEAD #1 full color variant cover. The B&W variant will be available for purchase after the keynote.

Premium ticket holders will receive a complete set of variant covers, which includes:
  • GHOSTED #6 B&W variant
  • EGOs #1 variant
  • PROPHET #42 variant
  • MANIFEST DESTINY #3 B&W variant
A CGC representative will also be on-site for those interested in utilizing the service.
Tickets are still available for purchase at, don’t miss your chance to attend!
9:00 AM – Doors Open
Attendees are welcomed to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater to check in and pick up badges and their welcome bags.
10:00 AM – Theater Doors Open for Seating
Please note that there are designated sections for Press, Retailers, and Premium Ticket holders.
10:30 AM – I is for Image: Keynote Address
Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson discusses the upcoming year for Image Comics. This not-to-be-missed address will feature announcements of new creators, new projects, and new initiatives. 2014 starts here!
12:15 PM – I is for Industry: Retailer Session
We at Image Comics highly value our relationships with retail partners, and dialogue is an important part of maintaining those relationships. This closed-door session will feature discussion among Image Comics staff, creators, and attending retailers focused on the year ahead and how to continue expanding the horizons of the business. This session is reserved for retailers only, and every Image Comics creator presenting at Image Expo will be in attendance.
1:30 PM – I is for Infectious: A Conversation with Robert Kirkman
Image Comics partner, comic book creator, and television executive… How does Robert Kirkman do it all? Kirkman talks about his remarkable career, The Walking Dead, Invincible, and his newest series Outcast, as well as what’s coming up for him and his Image Comics imprint Skybound.
2:15 PM – I is for Irreverent: Creators Are Just As Colorful As Their Comics
Comics attracts a variety of outspoken individuals with a range of unique perspectives, and now they’re going to spill those thoughts at Image Expo for your entertainment. Prepare for a freewheeling conversation with Brandon Graham, Rick Remender, James Robinson, Joe Keatinge and Josh Williamson, and get ready to find out just what makes their comics sing.
3:15 PM – I is for Incognito: Special Session with Surprise Guests
Surprise guests announced by Eric Stephenson in his keynote address will talk about their upcoming projects at Image Comics!
4:00 PM – I is for Illustrator: The Artists of Image Comics
A veritable mega-panel of Image artists gather on-stage to discuss how they tackle each new project, from blank page to finished product. Get insight into the creative process from Paul Azaceta, Wesley Craig, Nick Dragotta, and some of our special surprise guests as well as Image Founder Erik Larsen.
5:00 PM – I is for Interrogation: The Writers of Image Comics
The most innovative minds in comics assemble to discuss their creative processes from inspiration to first drafts to final product. Where do their ideas come from? How do they turn that idea into a viable project? Get insight into the creative minds of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, Nick Spencer and some of our special surprise guests!
Signings are located on the second floor lobby of the Lam Research Theater, accessible from the main floor by stairs and elevator.
1:30 – 2:15 – Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Nick Spencer and surprise guests  
2:15 – 3:00 – Surprise Guests Signing
3:00 – 4:00 – Rick Remender, Wes Craig, Nick Dragotta
4:00 – 5:00 – James Robinson, Brandon Graham, Joe Keatinge, Joshua Williamson
5:00 – 6:00 – Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta
Join Image Comics creators and staff for our Image Expo After Party at the Cartoon Art Museum, located nearby at 655 Mission Street.
7:30 PM – 8:00 PM – Press and Retailer Mixer
Open to members of the media and comic book retailers only, this pre-party mixer will be an opportunity for industry professionals, and Image Comics creators and staff to discuss the day’s events before the party gets underway.
8:00 PM – Image Expo After Party
Open to press, retailers, premium and general ticket holders, the Image Expo After Party will wrap up Image Expo with drinks, snacks, and a chance to mingle with Image Comics creators and staff.