2013 Fetish Favorites: Cover Artists Fetish Five

Since I’m late doing my “best of list” from 2013, you all should know by now why the following names and titles show up here, so I won’t belabor with my own personal gushing this time. This is more “at-a-glance” and for comparison and archival purposes.
There are more cover artists than interior artists, so this is always a hard list to pull from, and there’s always someone you forget to mention. These top my list.
1. Adam Hughes – Fairest and various others
2. Dave Johnson – 100 Bullets: Brother Lono,
various B.P.R.D. series and various variants
3. Francesco Francavilla – Afterlife with Archie, Black Beetle,
Dark Shadows, Doctor Who, numerous others
4. Marc Silvestri – Batman: Black and White, Cyber Force, 
Aphrodite IX, other variants
5. Fiona StaplesSaga
Honorable Mentions: David Aja, Jenny Frison, Jamie McKelvie, Jock, and Sean Phillips (seriously, this list could go on and on and on…)
Who’s on your list?

Gallery: INFERNO (X-Men, The New Mutants and X-Factor)

The Classic 1988 ad for Marvel’s X-book crossover storyline Inferno – Artwork by Marc Silvestri
Circa 1988. Easily one of my favorite comic book storylines of all time. It starred the X-Men (and their extended family). The story was Masterminded by writer Chris Claremont, with help from New Mutants & X-Factor writer Louise Simonson, and their editor Ann Nocenti, with issues drawn by legendary superstars Marc Silvestri and Walter Simonson. (more to come)

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