Jennifer Macaire’s JACK THE STRIPPER Coming Soonest!

Jack the StripperAnother author friend of mine has a new book coming out. Like, immediately! Jennifer Macaire (y’all remember her? Well, her erotica-minded alter ego, Samantha Winston?) So Mrs. Macaire’s new book Jack the Stripper (Book One in the M.U.C.I. Series) is out  next Friday, May 22nd from Evernight Publishing.  Cover image was just released today. See?  See it!  There’s no pre-order link available just yet, but just remember, out next Friday, May 22nd here on Planet Earth.  Jennifer has also stated that Book Two, Murder and Mayhem, is already in the can and in edits, so ya better grab Book One next week!

A brief description about Jack the Stripper from the author:

He’s Jack Severn, newly back from the dead. He’s magical, he’s hot, but evil he’s not!  Jim Ling-Li, Necromancer extraordinaire, brought him back to life, gave him some extra features, and, as you’ll see, made him irresistible — especially to Jack’s ex-girlfriend Brianna. Jack’s sexier than ever, and they’re better together. But she doesn’t want to risk her heart, not again, and definitely not with a zombie. Jack also has a mission. He’s back to catch the Heart Taker, the mutant that’s been terrifying human and undead alike. His current obsession’s none other than Jack’s Brianna. So give a big hand for Jack…he’s going to need all the support he can get to catch his own murderer.

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