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Extend your love bubble

The blessing/curse of the empathic poet is that you are constantly searching for meaning in the pain of life. It’s not comfortable. Sometimes you have to ponder for a loooooooooong time before you come to any conclusion and sometimes it happens like a lightning strike. That happened to me today. I almost literally stumbled across […]

Extend your love bubble
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Sometimes Love . . .

Sometimes love comes at a price too great for one’s emotional bank account.

— BLR, 11/22/2018

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On Love and Letters: Writing for Those You Know | Kristen Twardowski

Though I write with terrifying frequency, I fail at an essential type of writing; letters make me fumble. They cause me to be tongue-tied and stuttery. Cards that I give to friends and family are inevitably filled with long spaces and smudges where I have paused to think or where I have decided that […]

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