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Gallery: Black and White artwork by Jim Lee

Courtesy of Tumblr (special thanks to Brian Michael Bendis).

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Absolute WildC.A.T.s Coming from DC Comics | Bleeding Cool

According to Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool, DC will be releasing a Jim Lee-honoring “Absolute” edition of his seminal WildC.A.T.s series in 2017, which marks the 25th anniversary of what was one of my absolute favorite comics co-created by one of my absolute favorite comics creators. Absolutely.

Read more at Bleeding Cool.

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Video: Jim Lee on The Wild Storm master plan + Justice League

The maestro behind the original WildStorm at Image in the 1990s talks about the latest reboot of the imprint we loved back in the day, this time by the guiding hand of visionary writer Warren Ellis.

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Video: Justice League War: Creating Heroes The Life And Art Of Jim Lee

For only 37 minutes this is the most comprehensive Jim Lee spotlight I’ve seen. He is a living legend.