Meanwhile, As We Wait for Southern Bastards . . .

Well, those of us (and we are legion) waiting around (im)patiently for more Southern Bastards can thank the upcoming SCALPED TV show and the developing SOUTHERN BASTARDS TV show as well as both Jasons, Aaron & Latour’s, contractual commitments at Marvel for the wait and irregularity of our favorite Dixie-fried crime comic series. Great things are worth the wait, but damn, I need at least 6 issues of Southern Bastards a year. But I can do two things at once — grump about the lack of Southern Bastards in my life while also congratulating the Jasons (especially Aaron) on their ever-increasing success. Bravo boys! But word to the wise: you don’t really want to be on Coach Boss’ bad side, do ya? Just sayin’.

You can check out @jasonaaron’s Tweet for yourself here:


Comic Book Fetish Casts Southern Bastards TV Show

By Brandon L. Rucker


So recently it was announced that Jason Aaron & Jason Latour’s hit Image Comic series SOUTHERN BASTARDS has been optioned for television development via the FX network. This is good news. My immediate thought is that with its strong high school — and by extension college — football connection, not to mention the racially tense location in the South, this series if made will smash in that same vein as previous shows on the network like SONS OF ANARCHY and JUSTIFIED. That said, please allow me to fan-cast three of the main characters.

For Earl Tubb I present Michael Parks of KILL BILL and TUSK fame.


For Euless Boss (adult version) I present Ron Perlman of HELLBOY and SONS OF ANARCHY fame.


And for Coach Big I present Danny Glover, yes, he of LETHAL WEAPON fame.


I guess you could actually reverse Mr. Parks and Mr. Perlman and do just as well. But this was my initial brainstorm. It will be interesting to see who actually gets cast once this gets past the development phase and into a fully realized TV production. Much patience is required.


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They Killed Earl Tubb? You Bastards! | Thoughts on Southern Bastards #5

Southern Bastards #5 (Image) – Well…I guess I’m out. Fuck. I’m pissed off. Just like Game of Thrones with Ned Stark, my gateway character – in the case of this series, Earl Tubb, the sympathetic protagonist of the “Here Was a Man” story arc (a telling title), the apparent star of this series’ first four issues, actually *** RARE SPOILERS *** diedin that fourth issue (okay, so “died” is a bit of an understatement, considering). Meaning he wasn’t even in this issue; hell even at his funeral it was a closed casket (y’know, given that hellacious beating he took in #4…). As of now, I’m undecided on getting #6. Maybe after the shock wears off, I’ll come around. But I don’t know. This dramatically changes the story for me – it’s less about one man and his awful plight and more about Craw County, its rival neighboring counties and all the bad denizens that live (and die) there. Minus one Earl Tubb, the whole reason I bought into the series. Damn you Jasons Aaron & Latour! Sigh. – Rating: 4.0