Image Comics: So Much Damage | SYFY Documentary

Aside from not getting a lot of new information (for those of us who’ve been around since then), the one bad thing about these kinds of documentaries is how they tend to get the chronology all wonky. You don’t cover the start of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead (October 2003) and say THEN Powers (April 2000) came out and Brian Michael Bendis was fired by Todd McFarlane off of Sam & Twitch (series debuted in August 1999) and also say he then went on to write Marvel’s Ultimate Spider (also started in 2000) and AliasJessica Jones (later in 2001). Or how about toward the end when they had a footnote saying that Kirkman’s Outcast TV show debuted in the year 2010, the same year as TWD TV show?


There were a couple of other examples. I believe it’s important to get that kind of minutiae as precise and accurate as possible when presenting a historical documentary. That’s often compromised when things are edited for bite-sized consumption. [end nerd rant].

At any rate, it’s always a treat to watch and hear the boys talk about their awesome shared baby in the form of Image Comics.



Comic Book Fetish Pull List | February 2017

~ For February 2017 ~

Frostbite #6 (of 6)
The Wild Storm #1

Birthright #22
The Fix #8
Green Valley #5 (of 9)
Image+ #11
Kill or Be Killed #6
Lazarus #26
Loose Ends #2 (of 4)
Moonshine #5
Paper Girls #11
The Old Guard #1
Sex Criminals #16
Southern Bastards #17

Jessica Jones #5

Rough Riders #1

The Dregs #2

Savage #4 (of 4)

Grave Lilies #2

Comic Book Fetish Faves | January 2017

  1. Saga #42 (IMAGE) = 5.0
  2. Southern Bastards #16 (IMAGE) = 5.0
  3. Kill or Be Killed #5 (IMAGE) = 4.5
  4. Saga #41 (IMAGE) = 4.5 (* Delayed shipping)
  5. Jessica Jones (MARVEL) = 4.5
  6. Birthright #21 (IMAGE) = 4.0
  7. Frostbite #5 (VERTIGO) = 4.0
  8. The Dregs #1 (BLACK MASK) = 3.5
  9. Savage #3 (VALIANT) = 3.5
  10. Odyssey of the Amazons #1 (DC) = 3.5
  11. Animosity: The Rise #1 (AFTERSHOCK) = 3.0
  12. Green Valley #4 (IMAGE) = 3.0
  13. Loose Ends #1 (IMAGE) = 3.0
  14. Moonshine #4 (IMAGE) = 3.0
  15. Wonder Woman #14 (DC) = 2.5
  16. Shipwreck #3 (AFTERSHOCK) = 2.0


Comic Book Fetish Pull List | Jan 2016

~ For January 2017 ~

Frostbite #5

Birthright #21
The Fix #7
Green Valley #4
Image+ #10
Kill or Be Killed #5
Lazarus #26 (?)
Loose Ends #1
Moonshine #4
Saga #41 & 42
Southern Bastards #16 & 17 (?)

Jessica Jones #4

Animosity: The Rise #1

The Dregs #1 (?)

The Damned: Three Days Dead

Savage #3

Quote | THE FIX artist Steve Lieber in IMAGE+ #3

imageplus03_digital-1Was re-reading the third issue of Image Comics’ awesome comics magazine, IMAGE+ (June, cover dated September), and in that issue there is an interview with THE FIX co-creator and artist Steve Lieber that I think is worthy of spotlight.

I think his words here highlight one of the main issues many have with the company-owned comics, whether it’s the creators who work there or the disgruntled fans like myself who’s pretty much sworn off Marvel Comics for a few years now.

Check it out below.


Poll | Comic Book Underground’s Favorite Publishers

The poll Question I posed to the members of my Facebook group The Comic Book Underground last week:

The majority of your monthly and/or trade paperback reads come from which of the following publisher?

With only 21 participating votes, the results were:


DC Comics (Including the Vertigo imprint)

The resurgent #2 publisher in the market with 8 total votes, which ties them with the #3 publisher.


Image Comics (including the Top Cow, ShadowLine & SkyBound imprints)

The #3 publisher took the early lead in the poll (a charge led by yours truly, of course), but ultimately tied with the house of DC: Rebirth with 8 total votes also.


Marvel Comics (including the Icon & MAX imprints)

The currently battle-tested #1 publisher takes the third spot with only 4 total votes, which is a surprise because 12, 18, 24 months ago this would not have been the case. If the CBU is but a tiny microcosm of current fandom, then it appears Marvel has fallen from grace a bit.


Valiant Entertainment

Arguably “the best” non-premier publisher under Diamond’s distribution umbrella, the house of Harbingers brings up the rear at the fourth spot with merely one vote. However, it beat out AfterShock, Boom! Dark Horse (my current #2 personally), Dynamite, IDW and Other, which all had zero votes, so there’s that at least.