I’ve always been one of splintered interests and activities, and by natural consequence of that, a rather transient attention span.  But as I get more active and, let’s face it, older, I have less time (read: patience) for hopping fro-and-to various locations. For instance, social networking – I typically only have the mental patience to dabble in one primary social arena on these Interwebs. In 2003 it was LiveJournal. From 2004 to 2007 it was MySpace. In 2008 I went back to a more insular social network of writers at the Zoetrope Virtual Studio. I 2010 I discovered Twitter, but didn’t truly get active with it until 2011. Finally, in 2013 I stopped resisting Facebook and it has become my predominant arena more by default of familial and friendly connections than preference (personally I think Google+ is laid out better and navigates more logically). I have a number of groups I admin and/or participate in on FB because, again, that is the virtual space where the social per capita is highest.

So what about my personal website outlet and blogging? The recent history of that all stared in 2009 with Brandon Rucker Writes over on Blogger (which at last count has 37,634 pageviews – not bad for a nobody). In 2014 I finally folded that and migrated its archives over into what you know and love as Ruckerpedia here at (in association with WordPress). In the waning days of my comic book journalism I created Comic Book Fetish on Blogger in 2013 and by the end of 2014 I’d put that journalism hat away and dusted off my fiction hat, so CBF has pretty much gone defunct, but since the FB page for CBF still has a little activity and the fact that I’ll always have my fetish for comics, I’ve just decided to fold that into Ruckerpedia as well, including all previous posts (available for your perusal, if you’re feeling adventurous). And the newest advent in the Brandon Rucker network – Hello, Blank Page, started just last December – is also being fully integrated into Ruckerpedia.  Now can truly be the one-stop-shop Wal-Mart of yours most true.  We’ve got the best prices right here, I promise!

Now the only “double dipping” I’ll be doing is for my pen name(s). More on that when the time is right.

Also, there’s been a, um, tonal shift here at Ruckerpedia, which just means I’ve chosen the TONAL template which I was using for Hello, Blank Page. I love its sparse layout and monochromatic theme and the way it simply puts emphasis on the words that appear on the page.  So fresh, so clean. Simple.  I there’s a lot of truth to the notion that as people age they tend to prefer simplicity over complication and complexity. But, if I’m honest and acutely self-aware then I can admit that although I prefer simplicity around me, within myself I’m just as complex as ever.  There’s balance in that, I suppose.

However, if there’s one drawback to this spare layout, it’s that the sidebars, links and navigational tools are hidden by default.  Just click that lined button at the top right to find all the extra goodies.

Y’all be good to one another.

And thanks for shopping, er, I mean visiting and reading at Ruckerpedia.



Write-or-Flight: A Response

bird of prey sil 2It’s Friday so why not a flashback here on Ruckerpedia? Only this is a flashback to something I wrote back in July but didn’t actually post. The theme still applies, so I leave that part intact, but I’ve updated it with current events. Naturally, this would be filed under self-pep talk.

Funny thing about being a writer: if you don’t exercise your writer-ly muscles regularly, they tend to weaken. Although I write daily (such as in social media, which shouldn’t, and doesn’t, count), I don’t write creatively daily, as I know I should, so I am in constant fear of what I like to call writer’s atrophy. I’ve experienced this in the past during different writing hiatuses – syntax gets bad, diction gets compromised, and the overall ability to get the flow of creative prose to be at a minimum degree of just barely articulate becomes…challenging.

Yet, I have this personal website as well as a companion blog. >>> EDIT on 10/21/15: as well as my journal of creative nonfiction here for some of my word-spew. <<< Recently, I’ve pretty much stepped away from all my journalistic interests and activities that have dominated my writing output the last three years. Quite simply and rather bluntly, I need to cut the bullshit. Spend way less time on the Interwebs being an info-junkie, spend much less time in social media and, in turn, spend more time writing from the wealth of fiction that I’ve created over the last twenty years, while also creating from the bottomless well of new ideas that is always burgeoning within.

So, yeah. Write? Or flight? The obvious translation is: shit or get off the pot.

Well, I intend to take a big ol’ dump this weekend. However, with any luck, it won’t stink. Too much.


UPDATE: My Blank Page Fetish

Introducing Hello, Blank Page – My Online Notebook

So, about this blank page fetish of mine. I’ve always been inclined to have it. It started with notebooks, probably in elementary school years, and surely by middle school it was a full-blown obsession because I’d fancied myself an artist long before I considered myself a “serious writer”. Sure, the guitar wasn’t too far behind, but I was drawing little miniature comic strips since sometime in the mid-1980s. And pinups of characters, invariably and inevitably “inspired by” (i.e. downright ripped-off) the X-Men and other Marvel characters I was reading on a monthly basis back then. I say all of that to say that, now, a couple of decades-and-change later, that obsession is a full-on fetish now and has been for a while — I’ve only just recently faced and embraced it. Months back on my website I wrote about nostalgia and finding some 60 notebooks/pads between my home office and garage. Was I excited to see all the odd notes and scriptures archived on those pages? You bet! But I was also in search of something else.



Why? Because a blank page offers the promise of erasure, the erasure of the empty space by new content filling it all up. So these last few months I’ve been writing – long hand with a pen – in various notebooks like I used to in the days prior to having a home computer. It’s actually been great, I don’t even complain about writing that way anymore (so long as it’s just for jotting idea notes, brief musings and short passages). However, as I’ve said before, writing is a performance art and a writer wants (needs?) to be read by others. No one’s going to read my chicken scratch in a notebook. I needed a public device with which to publish my (semi-) daily musings. Thus, my new blog, Hello, Blank Page. Yeah, I now, I could easily just post my (semi-) daily writings here, but as I explained yesterday, I needed something all-new, free of clutter and intended ONLY for wordsmith-ing, with the occasional image here and there for thematic purposes. No promos and plugging, no social media and the usual noise. Just brief, raw bursts of microfiction and creative nonfiction. Unhindered. Uninhibited.


Feed the fetish.

Postscript: now that I’ve mostly/somewhat put my journalistic leanings of the last three years behind me (okay, more to the side, I suppose), I am digging back into my fiction archives to review the good, the bad and the ugly (because nothing inspires you to get back to it more than your own good, bad and ugly writing) while also homing in on all the story ideas I’ve kept at bay to merely stew and simmer the last three long years. But that’s an update for a different day.