Back in Effect(s)

And so continues the slow (expensive) process of reacquiring musical gear. Some years back I sold off a chunk of gear that included my guitar effects and such. My last band Neglect the Alarm relied on natural guitar noise so I had no need for effects these last few years. But my new band (and the next project coming soon) is a different story. Gonna hafta put together a pedal board at some point. #GuitarRuckus #RuckRock #RuckusInEffect #bosspedals #dunlopcrybaby



I’ve played with a wah pedal before but I’ve never personally owned one, and now I find myself in a band playing songs that require that very effect. And so I discover there’s a model by ALICE IN CHAINS’ Jerry Cantrell, the man whose riffs, licks and leads I’m playing in my new band (along with my new axe brother JTT.) So I’m gonna hafta sample this one soon! Like this weekend, I may make my way up to Ft. Wayne to visit the Sweetwater HQ and sample a bunch of effects. #GuitarRuckus