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Indie AuthorsThere’s an interesting article on Don Massenzio’s Blog entitled “Self-Publishing – Your Fellow Authors are not Your Enemies – Let’s Help Each Other”.  As many of us have learned in our arduous journey through writing and publishing, it’s our fellow authors who have been great resources to us.  If you’re an author in the self-publishing arena, I highly recommend you read this article.

As a huge advocate of my writing brethren, I’ve long believed in the spirit of this and four years ago I was really trumpeting a horn in a call to arms, summoning my fellow authors (at least in my small network) to band together for the common cause of supporting and promoting one another across the vast virtual landscape of the Internet.  At the time I was a member of the Board of Directors for the Silver Pen Writers Association.  In 2011 I strongly believed in the need to create a website that could somehow become “the MySpace or Facebook of and for indie Authors” – a kind of one-stop place to showcase, share, support, promote and purchase the work of authors webbed together in a tight network.  Lofty and ambitious? Sure.  Expensive?  Undoubtedly.  However, a few of those ideas were implemented during the creation of the Silver Pen Writers website (though its true essential purpose served to be a place of nurturing new authors as well as a place of refuge from a once prosperous virtual home).  And like its predecessor, the SPWA site is a little more insular than my overall overreaching idea, but it’s still a great resource, particularly for budding and novice authors just starting to enter the fray.

In recent times, we’ve seen devices such as Facebook recede from being as helpful a tool as it could be for small businesses on a low budget, and social-networking just-trying-to-get-on-his/her-feet new authors have also been a casualty of this. Sure, there’s always Amazon, but that place, just by its nature of being a mass market, all encompassing commercial site simply devours the unknowns (some of them perhaps rightly so) into a pit of even more opaque obscurity.

So here in 2015 the question still remains: Where’s that literature-loving, on-his-deathbed billionaire who’s looking to be a behind-the-scenes benefactor to the thousands of potential next Hemigways, Poes, Rowlings and Kings out there before he kicks the bucket?

Speaking of self-published authors, my next post will be about my author buddy Reggie Lutz.  Come back for that, will ya?

Until then, and even after, y’all be good to one another.