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Lifebook 9 | Blood Work / I’m Too Sweet

This is a #lifebook entry on #ruckology in which Brandon L. Rucker shares another poignant life moment ~

So I’m in Day 2 of my four-day weekend. On Day 1 yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment because I am diseased, cursed and doomed with that autoimmune disease they call diabetes. It was a follow on an appointment from three weeks ago when we made an adjustment to my medicinal regimen. You see, apparently I’m just too sweet, like a chocolate cupcake packed with yummy goodness that, if taken in large quantities could just be ultimately detrimental to your health. At least that’s my unique perspective on it. Things were looking good, the doc and her assistants said. My numbers were very improved from earlier in the year, especially compared to those winter months. So we made another tweak to my regimen.

Today I went to have some blood drawn (and also pee into a cup) for my annual lab work to see if I’ve improved my blood cholesterol, see how my lipids are doing and make sure that, in a year’s time, my vitals organs have not come to look like those of a man not in his early 40s. Aside from a “slightly elevated” cholesterol, everything looked pretty good last year.

In fact, this annoying blood disease aside, I’ve always been a very healthy dude, an Iron Man really. Although  I am human with a weakness against highly potent children from time to time, like when my own or those in the fam happen to be carrier hosts of various outbreaks from time to time. But even that’s been a while. We’ll see what this school year brings.

I should hear the results of the blood work next week sometime. Hey, maybe I can hold off on breaking out my bucket list for just a little while longer.

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Lifebook 2 | Sugar Detox

It wasn’t that long ago, that fateful day. The day I was diagnosed as diabetic – onset of the disease diabetes mellitus. 6.1.13. The day I went to the ER with severe lethargy, dry mouth, unquenchable thirst and a frequent urination schedule. Actually I was quite beyond just the mere onset of the disease, I was into what’s called ketoacidosis – my blood sugar was 615. So, yeah, essentially I was one step away from a very imminent stroke, and maybe another step or two from death. I had no clue.

Since that near-death-event, there have been some ups and downs, the likely kind that comes with a tricky, almost now you see now you don’t kind of disease. After onset it’s known to present 1 to 2 “honeymoon periods” where it seems to go into a kind of temporary remission. I’ve had 2, maybe 3 of those periods. Initially I was diagnosed in the ER as Type 1, I suspect mainly because of how high my blood sugar was and what it took – 3 days – to get me down to an acceptable level that they could trust me to return home with my family. Later that year as things leveled out to the point where I didn’t need insulin injections, I realized Type 1 was a misdiagnosis because clearly my pancreas was still producing enough insulin to keep me in the hundreds, nowhere near that ridiculous ketoacidosis state (it can’t be stressed enough how I dodged a bullet by not succumbing to the worse while at a blood sugar level beyond the 600 range). Last year when I finally got my blood work done (long story), that particular physician confirmed Type 2. A year later, though, I’m not sure what is actually going on.

I won’t bore any of you with the day-to-day diabetic plight I’ve dealt with these last 33 months, and I wrote all of the above to write the following:

I need a sugar detox!

Not just to better appease my diabetic condition. It’s also simply because sugar is a drug, and we’re all addicts to it, really. Last Summer, in the month of August I had managed to kick all sugar-laden food for about a good two weeks or so. I was fairly hardcore about it. And then like a quitter I got frustrated that I was putting in so much effort and not immediately seeing the results I wanted to see (weight loss, mainly) that I threw in the towel, thinking damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

I need to go cold turkey again. Obviously I know the body needs some sugar – the good kind —  but I just need to detox my system before starting a strict regimented diet where moderation and portion control is more feasibly achieved. I always like to earmark major activities with a specific, predetermined date if I can, and I’ve thought I may go with the first day of Spring (March 20th). Then a thought came to me: April 1st – April Fool’s Day. The day that would signify what a fool I would be if I didn’t commit to this major lifestyle change and stick with it, or more accurately a modified version of it, after a 2-week moratorium.

So that’s the plan, a gradual weening from sugar, carbs and empty calories the remaining time leading up until April 1st (a Friday) before I go into nutritional monk mode.

We’re actually looking to make it a household event. Ah, but those stubborn kids are rebellious and resistant, aren’t they?

It will be fun.