Last updated: 12/2/2016

Note: Some projects have titles that are yet to be revealed, so they are listed with a project codename as a working title. Others are listed with their actual titles.


Artists/collaborators needed for print comics/graphic novels and webcomics. These comics projects are intended as 50/50 co-creations, except those marked with *)


Project Arcana

Urban Fantasy/Action-Adventure

Comic Book – Ongoing or recurring series

Initial creation date: Mid-1990s / Revised: October 2014

Description: A group of millennial trans-metropolitan mages, bestowed with a variety of magical abilities by an unknown source of the arcane, are drawn together by some strange chance for a common cause by a common ally who may or may not ultimately be a common foe.


Project: One Shot


One-Shot Comic (to lead into an Ongoing or Recurring Series)

Initial Creation Date: Spring 1996

Summary: Zane is back on the street after spending 8 years in the big house. His plan is to go straight once and for all, but he needs to pull one last job as a favor he owes to one of the big dogs in prison. Problem is he’ll need a crew to pull this job off. One call to his old buddy Bert later and he’s got a crew of four low-rent criminals who will find themselves in a situation that goes south quickly thanks to an unintended player in this game.


Project Front Page Heroes *


Comic Book – Ongoing or recurring series

Initial creation date: 2006

Description – Chronicling the controversial, scandal-laden rise and fall of a 4th generation of heroes and their quest for generational and public respect as they deal with rising celebrity statuses outside of their costumes, an agenda-driven media, and diabolical, maniacal supervillain hiding in the shadows, pulling strings and setting up a calamitous event that just might destroy them and countless others. NOTE: This project will feature all-new, originally created superhero and supervillain characters.


Project Old Icons *


Comic Book – Recurring miniseries

Initial creation date: 2006

Description – A look back into the historical generations of heroes (and villains) and all the major events that shaped this unique superhero universe. Separate storylines will be dedicated to the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Modern Age eras.; chronicling such events as the origin of the first ever superhero, the crime-fighting vigilantes he inspired in the 1940s-50s, the various intrepid solo heroes and superteams of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s, all leading up to the legacy of heroes and villains of the Modern Age – the lineages will be defined. NOTE: This project will feature all-new, originally created superhero and supervillain characters, with some naturally serving as homages and analogues to the classics we all know and love.


Project Blood-Borne *


Comic Book/Serialized graphic novel series

Initial creation date: October 2009

Description: Vampires exist in the real world, but they’re nothing like the ones you’ve come to know in popular culture. Originating from a highly infectious and fatal virus, these vampires are the product of Mother Nature rather than the paranormal mysticism of supernatural forces. Their eccentric fashion sense of leather and armor aside, they physically look just like everyday people for the most part and are able to blend among us when they so choose. However, they’re a very secretive people and have somehow managed to hide the existence of their subculture from the general populace for nearly three centuries. Two new arrivals, one good, one bad, might just expose all that secrecy and more. Also, there’s something else particularly unique about this advent of blood drinkers, something no one would come to believe without seeing it for themselves. NOTE: this is an epic series originally conceived as a multi-book novel series. As a comic series it is envisioned as a long-running series which currently has no finite ending.

  • These will be creator-owned projects aimed toward such publishers at Image Comics (including the Shadowline, Skybound and Top Cow imprints), Dark Horse Comics, AfterShock Comics, Boom! Studios, Black Mask Studios and others.
  • P.S.: Also needed: a comics artist who would much rather co-create a slice-of-life, realistic drama series, perhaps as a webcomic.
  • If you are an artist who is interested in collaborating on one of these projects, please use the contact form below to break the ice let’s make something happen. If you are not an artist yourself but know of any looking for a collaborative project, please pass this information along. *** I am not necessarily closed off from collaborating with other writers on certain projects. 


Progress on these projects is currently underway



These are up & coming projects that will commence soon.