Last updated: 2/12/2017


Project Blood-Borne [codename]

Genre(s): New Adult Suspense, Action-Adventure, Sci-fi/Preternatural/Vampire

Format: Novels series

Origination Date: October 27, 2009

Current Status: Plotting, outlining

The Tease: Vampires exist in the real world, but they’re nothing like the ones you’ve come to know in pop culture-fiction. Originating from a highly infectious and fatal virus, these vampires are the trans-human product of Mother Nature rather than the undead result of supernatural forces. Their eccentric fashion sense of leather and armor aside, they physically look just like everyday people for the most part and are able to blend among us when they so choose. However, they’re a very secretive people and have somehow managed to obscure the existence of their subculture from the general populace for nearly three centuries. Two new arrivals, one good, one bad, might just expose all that secrecy and more. Also, there’s something else particularly unique about this advent of blood drinkers, something no one would come to believe without seeing it for themselves.


“All Things Considered”

Genre(s): Contemporary/Drama

Format: Published short story expansion into novella

Origination Date: Summer 1997 / Published: Sept 1, 2010

Current Status: Expansion to begin Summer 2017

The Tease: Not a week goes by before former prison inmate Maynard Johns strikes up an unexpected and unlikely friendship with Percy Sullivan, a 9-year old little boy in the neighborhood. Given their different ethnicities and the true reason for Maynard’s recent incarceration, their friendship is beset with the extreme challenges of trust, perception, neighborhood racial tensions and sabotage. Is the fate of their irrepressible friendship merely in the hands of Percy’s mother, or will other outside forces prove to be the catalyst of their downfall?

“The Monster Under the Bed”

Genre(s): Suspense/Horror

Format: Short story

Origination Date: October 2015

Current status: Developing

The Tease: Cassie hears something in her bedroom at night. It could just be her imagination, but she’s convinced it’s something very sinister and it sounds like it’s coming from under her bed. Will her parents believe her? And how can a little girl defeat a creepy monster intent on terrorizing her?

“Left for the Dead”

Genre: Suspense/Horror

Format: Short story

Origination Date: October 2016

Status: Developing

The Tease: After a night of partying Tamara passes out and finds herself separated from (left behind by?) her friends. That’s one problem all to itself. The other problem is that she quickly realizes she’s been abandoned next to a creepy cemetery where the dead aren’t quite as dead as they should be.