NPR: Australian Wildfires

ap_19365361950566-241d566febb8f2352bc756f8f6fc6670f40905e2-s1600-c85‘Just Red, Everywhere’: Australia Fire Traps Seaside Residents On Beach

by Merrit Kennedy & Vanessa Romo on


Updated at 8:37 p.m. ET (Dec. 31, 2019)

In the small coastal Australian town of Mallacoota, an out-of-control wildfire on New Year’s Eve morning forced some 4,000 people to flee to the water during one of the country’s most destructive fire seasons in recent memory.

Alex White, a reporter for the Herald Suntold NPR that Mallacoota is popular among tourists and fishermen. The extreme conditions threatened all the roads out of town.

“When there was a really dramatic wind change at about 4 a.m., it swept close to the town and actually burned some buildings in the town, and everyone had to evacuate down to the beach,” she said. “There were reports of embers the size of mobile phones falling on people, smoke everywhere.”

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We should all lament the loss of all the Australian wildlife as well.


The Quieting in 2020


I’ve been talking a while about the need to turn the volume down on external noise, the chief culprit of course being social media. The New Year is off to a good start so far in that regard. I still haven’t quite logged off of Facebook yet (or Instagram or Twitter), but I have avoided it more than usual the last 24 hours or so to end the Old Year and begin the New one. I’ll actively be doing more of that throughout the year. Even if I have to remove apps from my phone. The goal is to achieve a more virtual and actual quietude. For a clearer headspace, if nothing else.

Besides, I’ve got shit to do this year. Which is to say all the shit I didn’t do last year. And really who couldn’t use more reading, more writing and more rocking?

Noise-cancelling. Reclaim your attention. This is the way. You should do the same.

The Lament of Autumn


That picture was taken Oct 16 while I was walking the dog that crisp Autumn morning.  That date on the calendar generally begins the best-looking two-week period of the new season as the leaves are in beginnings of color change, the temperature is still decent (at least during the daytime hours) and snow is nowhere on the radar. From the middle of the month through Halloween is the absolute best part of the Fall. But it is a terribly fleeting time.

Just yesterday as I was driving home from work, which is on the outskirts of town and kinda in deep suburban, partially rural area, I was lamenting the all-too-transient nature of true Autumn here in the Midwest. The beautiful color transition of Autumn leaves (my favorites are the orange and yellow ones) occurs too quickly and before you know it, like now a month later, it’s but only a memory. What remains is a drab, brown (and already  snow-covered) barren wasteland that will soon transition to frozen winter tundra. Hell, we’ve already had freezing temperatures and snow. It’s already winter. In November.

So yes, I am in full lamentation of true Autumn. It’s a tragedy that such a gorgeous time of the year is so brief.