Eden by Hooverphonic

The wonderful, beautiful song “Eden” by Hooverphonic. Perfect as #MorningMusik.


Ladies Leading


Quite unintentionally, nearly all of my recent book acquisitions have been stories with ladies leading the narratives. The five above, as well as others not pictured like BLACKBIRD, Vol. 1 – THE GREAT BEAST (Buy), SKYWARD, Vol. 2 and PAPER GIRLS, Vol. 5. It’s business as usual for me, really, having always read and often preferred women protagonists since I’ve been a devout reader of fiction, having cut my early teeth in the 80s and 90s on stuff like Chris Claremont’s UNCANNY X-MEN (for Marvel Comics) and the novels of Dean Koontz, known most especially for strong female characterization. That influence carried over into my own fiction once I started writing prose in 1993. The curious thing is the three novels being sci-fi genre novels — those are all the rage these days and I used to prefer my sci-fi in more graphic form like movies, TV and comics. But after reading Beth Revis’ ACROSS THE UNIVERSE last Fall, I suppose I’ve come around on that.

Wknd Rprt: July 2019 – Wk 1

Radio Radio logo
The climax of the week came in the form of my band’s live performance at Radio Radio!

What a helluva week! What a helluva month and change, really. As I write this I am on Day 5 of a 5-day respite from work, having had the 4th and 5th off as paid holidays and then I scheduled a vacation day for today to ensure a day of recovery for all my shenanigans. I’ve probably set myself up for failure with these weekend reports as I struggle to beat my Oldtimer’s disease and try to remember all that happened the past two or three days, let alone the whole past week. This is all for posterity, so I will stick to the most notable events with the usual bullet points.

  • Thur, 4th of July – Spent time with the fam of course, enjoyed some good grub from the grill and lovingly baked dessert goods. The weather was nearly perfect and I always enjoy spending time on the in-laws shady front porch. After that I was off to band practice where John (guitar) and Rich (bass) and I fine-tuned for our performance on Friday night.


  • Fri, July 5 – Did a little shopping Friday and decided to finally try to see if I could squeeze into some 32-inch waist jeans again. And not only did I squeeze into them with ease, but I decided to go with the “skinny jeans” option and I have to admit I may never buy the non-skinny version again because I love the slimmer taper at the ankles. I confess that I haven’t worn 32s probably since before I was 32, which was many moons ago!


  • Fri, July 5 – I also bought some leather CHUCK TAYLOR ALL-STARS, inspired by one of my guitar heroes, DEATH ANGEL co-founder/songwriter ROB CAVESTANY when I saw him onstage a few months back. I can’t remember if his version had the white logo or not, but I the all black logo on mine.

Hero House Comics

  • Fri, July 5 – As a band we were to load in to Radio Radio! at 7 PM, an hour before doors opened, two hours before the music was to begin with the first band, Dead Squirrels at 9 and the Garbage tribute band at 10. So we had some time to kill. My bandmate and buddy Rich introduced me to this store HERO HOUSE COMICS and its cool owner as well. It’s a swell little store that I will be sure to visit whenever I’m down in the FOUNTAIN SQUARE neighborhood in Indy. I grabbed a sticker that is the exact replica of that sweet logo above.

Murphy Arts Center logo

  • Fri, July 5 – Still with my bandmate Rich, we went to enjoy some art over at the Murphy Arts center that was also in the Fountain Square neighborhood. Tim McLaughlin’s photography was quite impressive.
  • Fri, July 5 – Friendly support as my lady April plus my friends Nikki, Rick, Ryan, Tina, Ian, B.J. and Violet all showed up to our band. I was so in-the-moment and anxious/impatient that I failed to snap any pictures of all their smiling faces.
On Stage - July 5
Rich and I onstage — shot by my friend Nikki.
  • Fri, July 5 – Finally showtime. Our still-yet-to-be-named Alice in Chains tribute band took the stage a little after 11 PM and we charged through our 9-song set in what seemed like a blur: Them Bones, We Die Young, Down in a Hole, Junkhead, Rooster, God Smack, Nutshell, Would? and Man in the Box. The highlight for singer Jason and I being Nutshell, the song I would up unexpectedly playing the most lead guitar on in the general scheme of things. Weeks ago I wasn’t confident I’d play it without flubs, no matter how perfect I’d played it in practice. Thankfully that’s exactly what I did, which was essentially the cherry on top. I was a sweat machine up there with numerous beads of sweat running unimpeded down my bald head. My ears rang and my joints ached well into the next morning, but like a football player taking multiple hits in a game his team won, it was all worth it.
  • Sat, July 6 – Most notable Saturday was my popping some Ibuprofen to quell some soreness and taking an unplanned 4-hour nap. The best sleep is the sleep you don’t plan, right?

Best Bet Breakfast

  • Sun, July 7 – We had breakfast with our dear friends and frequent dining partners Nikki and Rick at Best Bet, a little local eatery with a cool Vegas casino theme. I got an omelette with roast beef, mushrooms and cheddar cheese with two pancakes and those Ava potatoes that I never eat. Then the four of us moseyed on over to IKEA for oohs and wows at all the neat stuff we say we’d like to have someday.
  • Sun, July 7 – Met up with Ryan, one of my longest friends and we went to the Built to Spill show that I statused the other day. BUILT TO SPILL played all the songs from their 1999 album Keep It Like a Secret. The last time I saw them live was 20 years ago during their original support of that album. I unexpectedly ran into Justin and his lovely wife Allyson, and also got to see my old buddy Mike and his lovely wife Amber too. I saw and head-nodded a few other familiar faces as well. Naturally I bought a shirt that has the image of the Keep Like a Secret album cover and sky blue color scheme.20190708_154449~26405074541344289604..jpg

Whew. And now I return to my mental health day, er, scheduled vacation day with the plan to do not much at all except write this post, maybe hit the library, get some reading in and maybe try to get in a few backlogged episodes of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD.

Be well and live your best life.