Wknd Rprt: June 2019 – Wk 5


  • Went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (also now known as Newfields: A Place for Nature and Arts) down in the big city as my life partner and I celebrated 15 years together. Neither of us had been (I may have way back in grade school, but can’t remember) and we’d always wanted to go, so we did and we took LOTS of pictures of so much amazing art, many of which I’ll be sharing in a series here under the headline title of Artjunkie (Fun Fact: Artjunkie was my old online handle way back in the LiveJournal days of 2003-04). logo_for_oph
  • We started our Saturday celebration activities with a yummy breakfast at the Original Pancake House. Who knew that chopped toasted Georgian pecans would be so tasty on French toast?


  • The historic Oldfields Lilly House and Gardens was quite a think to behold. We took a tour of the gardens and greenhouse as well as the manse with its awesome 42 rooms (not all available to the public) and impressive library area that I would have liked to somehow transpose to my house!


  • We ate dinner at the El Meson Mexican Restaurant where I tried a wet burrito for the first time. It was most delish. Everything I’ve had there the past year has been wonderful.
  • A stop at the local comic shop, Comic Carnival (my former employer from some 25 years ago) and Barnes and Noble produced a few book purchases that I probably shouldn’t have made, but I have a book problem, you see. I’ll show my haul in a later post.
  • Played guitar for a lot of hours this weekend — in fact, I think I’ve played guitar the past month more than I have in all of the five previous months combined. Perhaps. Maybe I exaggerate. But still, when you have a live show looming in a month (now a week), fingers get real busy if you want to achieve proficiency in your rhythms and fluidity in your melodies.
  • Did not get much reading in this weekend, but I think I have a plan to fix my reading backlog woes, which I will also share in a later post.






I’ve always been more of a band guy than a solo musician so being in a band always incentivizes me to play my instruments more often than when I’m just playing for myself. Playing music is always a fulfilling experience but it’s tenfold more rewarding when playing along with other musicians. For the past month since joining in the formation of a new band and rehearsing with them at least once a week in preparation for our first show (confidently booked prior to our full formation), I have been playing at home everyday for at least an hour, incentavized by the drive to master my parts and, by extension, assure my bandmates that we’ve got this and we’re going to slay onstage come June 5th. You’re only as strong, or as tight as your weakest link and no one wants to be that. And now it’s Wednesday and I’m off work and will be off to band practice in a couple of hours.

My practice at-home setup for the bedroom.

On This Return To WordPress — WARREN ELLIS LTD

What a bummer. A decade ago when I first started properly blogging over at Blogger after having done the whole micro-blogging/social media thing with LiveJournal>Friendster>MySpace>Facebook and the beginnings of Twitter, it was mostly inspired, influenced and guided by “Internet Jesus” Warren Ellis.

I’ve swapped out the theme here a couple of times. The first time, it was because a theme update (Meks Typology) fucked itself up in a handful of ways, and because Jetpack updates would fail catastrophically and take the whole website offline, requiring me to FTP into the site and manually delete the Jetpack plugin and the thousands of busted files it would litter into the system. I went to a simple theme called Uncluttered. Jetpack seemed to behave, but the theme was broken and would only display images on the first page of posts. So I went to another simple theme that did not do this. And then the next Jetpack update busted the whole site.

(Later): I like WordPress. I’ve used it for many things for many years. I like the mobile app and the flexibility it gives me in posting from my phone in my preferred formats. But I am starting to regret not trying to make a blot.im instance work for my needs.

I’ve liked being here and doing this. But I may have to shut it off and start again. Or? If it really does require hours a week of deleting exploded files and sacrificing something to Satan every time I click a button? Just shutting it off. I came back to blogging too late, and shit stopped working.

via On This Return To WordPress — WARREN ELLIS LTD


Alice + The Devil and Dinosaurs

Alice in Chains’ 5th long-player from 2013.

As a longtime ALICE IN CHAINS fan, I don’t really need extra motivation to listen to their catalog, but incidentally being in an AiC tribute band now has me listening even more intently than I normally do (and I’m quite the intentional and nerdy listener). Today I  specifically listened to the band’s latter three albums for potential songs to cover and I have to admit that I’ve been giving The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (2013), their fifth LP of six, a bit of a bad rap for a few years now. Mainly because I think its immediate predecessor Black Gives Way to Blue (2009) was better overall. And then its successor,  Rainier Fog (2018) arrived and was also a superior album and it definitely had me taking the piss on Dinosaurs in comparison to the two that it is sandwiched between. And that’s just it, today I realized that is really its only crime. Dinosaurs  is actually a pretty darn good album judged on its own with a few standout tracks like “Hollow”, “Pretty Done”, “Stone” and “Phantom Limb.” I’d say now that my only real criticism of it is that the songs aren’t as revelatory and intense (as they are on Blue) or as fresh and fun (as they are on Fog). A misdemeanor, to be sure, but not a felony, all things considered.


Back in Effect(s)

And so continues the slow (expensive) process of reacquiring musical gear. Some years back I sold off a chunk of gear that included my guitar effects and such. My last band Neglect the Alarm relied on natural guitar noise so I had no need for effects these last few years. But my new band (and the next project coming soon) is a different story. Gonna hafta put together a pedal board at some point. #GuitarRuckus #RuckRock #RuckusInEffect #bosspedals #dunlopcrybaby