1.23.20 – Daddy Daycare

At home with the strep thoat-stricken child today. I have administered Jello and antibiotics and offered advice regarding a boyfriend matter. Daddy daycare and advisory board, pro bono.

Aside from that I’ve not done much of anything productive today, yet I’m not really missing work. The Impeachment trial is on the tube in the background. Lunch has just arrived via The Lady of the Manor. But it’s just occured to me that I’ve not yet had any tea today. I will have to correct that at some point.


The Perfect Day Is . . .

clock-439592_960_7204 hrs reading.

4 hrs writing.

4 hrs rocking.

6 hrs miscellaneous activities with self/family/friends.

6 hrs sleeping.

Daily I live with the disturbing truth that I somehow failed to maneuver myself into a career that paid me a modest living’s worth to either read, write or rock. Hell, all three in the same day would be exquisite.

But no.

Instead I as a middle-aged man somehow manage to function with the anxiety of having not made the right choices in that regard.

FUN FACT: You can damn near spell the word underachiever with letters from my three names. You’d only be short the h and the i. Obviously only someone with issues would even think that way, right?

MASTODON: Happy 20th Anny!

fb_img_15789483824517451081384724693038.jpgHappy 20-year anniversary to one of my all-time favorite bands. In January 2000 drummer/eventual vocalist Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher met bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders and guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds at a HIGH ON FIRE concert in Atlanta and later that month MASTODON was born when the boys had their first infamous band practice. The rest as they say is history.


Tea Time

20200113_0808298299867030855938130.jpgThe folks in my life who know me well know that I’m a big time drinker of tea. Historically it’s always been black tea WITHOUT any additional flavoring, aside from sugar (don’t even mention lemon, peach or raspberry in my presence!). Today I branched out and took a chance on a couple of different flavors. The cinnamon flavor I think I might’ve cautiously tried a few years ago and with a little sweetening it’s an acceptable addition to my pantry and office desk drawer. The salted carmel, though? 🤔 While not bad tasting by any means, I must say it . . . as I kinda expected . . . is doing too much.


Pack Rat

wp-15786294759601981533645904357549.jpgAs an artist/creator of stories and music, I keep everything I create. And I do mean everything. If my creations are my children, it’s very much a no child left behind! situation. Heh. My hard drives and archives are filled vastly with many seeds for various projects, be it a story, novel, song or album. To wit: tonight I stumbled across a video recording from early last year of me playing a brand new bass line that’d I’d forgotten all about. As I ramp up my music production activities in these winter months, I’m going to use those two riffs to base a new song around for the BRANDON: UNSUNG instrumental project. Probably add some piano, a little acoustic guitar and maybe the drum machine. That is if I can motivate myself to set up all the equipment again. It’s a bit of a tedious task given that I’ve moved all my creative activities up to the master bedroom (having had to convert what was once my personal study into an additional bedroom, FML.) Regardless I have a busy weekend ahead specifically because I am a pack rat who always has unfinished business.

. . . Even If You’re Writing Rubbish . . .

~ Via Writer’s Write ~

So much easier said than done. Probably especially easier for those new to the craft. Those of us who have been at a while (and those of us who’ve also served as editors and dedicated work-shoppers) tend to have a more . . . I’ll just speak for myself as I have a more neurotic/OCD approach to writing fiction (nonfiction is not so bad). But I’m trying to curb that and I have at least taken the mental steps to writing free and clear of my usual obsessive-compulsive method of scrutinizing every word, comma and sentence as I write. I just have to put it in practice more. Not that I know first hand but I imagine it’s not much unlike a 12-step program. Heh.