Tribute – April 19, 2019

Happy Birthday, old friend. Rest in peace.


Tonight – April 19, 2019

Had to leave before Castle but Apostle of Solitude and Wretch were great as usual. Always a pleasure seeing a lot of old faces.


Earworms – April 18, 2019

I will be seeing Death Angel live for the first time on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019. Depeche Mode is, of course, on my bucket list to see live before I die. I’ve been a fan of both bands since the 80s because I’m old.


Today – April 18, 2019

Photo shot in Karmiel, Israel by Mihail Ribkin @mihail_ribkin

A gray, rainy day and a bit of a sour disposition today at work managed to inspire about three small new ideas in my noggin. Will try to get words flowing for at least one of them tonight before bed.


I Write, I Fight

If I’m writing then it means I am most certainly fighting. Fighting what or whom? Many opponents, to be sure. Mainly myself and the four dees.


First, there’s any manner of distractions — time spent with family, time spent on consuming various media (news, music, books, TV shows, movies, comics, etc.), time spent on essentially living a normal life as a social creature (as oppose to the life of a  hermit).


Then there are the inevitable, practically omnipotent voices of self-doubt and uncertainty. The doubt that I’m the writer I believe I am and the uncertainty that I can pull off whatever grand vision I’m attempting on a given day. This is only with regards to writing fiction, of course.


But let’s say I somehow conquer and vanquish the above — well, then there’s the fight to achieve and maintain discipline and attention to the writing task at hand. That means avoiding new ideas that inevitably spawn while working on a current idea. And somehow avoid going down the rabbit hole when using the Internet to research this or that subject.


Yet all the above aside, it ultimately comes down to the one thing I can’t (or shouldn’t) fight which is my devotion to my family. Our family is still virtually young and there’s simply no way I can completely forsake them for a hermitic, reclusive and selfish activity such as writing, especially long form fiction, which is why I semi-joke that I’ll be at least 50 years old before I actually finish writing a novel (yeah, yeah, I can hear professional writers now saying “Well it looks like you’re in the wrong business if you can’t make that selfish sacrifice” — maybe they’d be right, at least for now).

So, yeah. If I’m writin’, I’m fightin’.

Dude looks just like me. Minus the gloves 😉

WP Social

1084131So I’ve come back to reestablish a regular presence here on WordPress and it has occurred to me that I should also become more social here again as well. That means reaching out more — actually responding to what I’ve read on all your various sites and  offering more than a mere like. I would imagine a simple quid pro quo approach would be the simple currency here. We reciprocate what we’ve received.

On my end this would no doubt require me to decrease my social media activities, which I should do anyways when I lack anything relevant to add to the cybersphere. So that’s what I will do: shun Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a little more in favor of my WP feed here. And maybe I should also start promoting/giving shout-outs to interesting blogs and friendly bloggers I may come across again. Re-blogs. Heck, we can even just make that part of the above-mentioned QPQ currency here as well.

So, yeah! I’ll be seein’ ya!



This is a reboot. Well, actually, since the previous 550+ blog postings all still exist (now over on my archive site Ruckerpedia), I suppose it’s more accurately a relaunch. A relaunch of the general blog I started nearly a decade ago over on Blogger in late 2009 (originally called Brandon Rucker Writes) before I migrated it over to WordPress in late 2013. This relaunch of my blogging activities is necessary because, you see, I’ve been distracted with other things and slacking. I realized earlier this year that it was time for a fresh start and a renewed purpose for blogging. So here are, a fresh start on my own personal digital headspace. Thanks for visiting. See ya around, sporadically.