Brandon Rucker on the 2-Minute Drill With Steve E. Lowe

Posted today is my little interview with Steve E. Lowe for his ongoing feature the 2-Minute Drill on his Assorted Shitzengiggles blog.

We had some technical difficulties with WordPress that wouldn’t allow us to post a music widget to debut my newest tune, “No Sacrifice” for the yet-to-be-written follow-up Sap album.

But I have the link to the music widget right here, baby.

No Sacrifice [demo preview]


Static Movement Print Special No. 2!!!

Available now from Liquid Imagination Publishing at, Static Movement Print Special No. 2, edited by the illustrious Chris Bartholomew, is an outstanding collection of short fiction, artwork and poetry. The stories are culled from her regular online publication, Static Movement, but the featured artwork and poetry are new, including two little dark poems by yours truly, “Succubus” (page 177) and “Mare of the Night” (page 141).

And the cover? Oh my! Have a look:

I am personally honored to be part of such an awesome and gorgeous publication that is chock full of work from talented scribes such as John “JAM” Arthur Miller, Deborah Walker, John C. Mannone, S. Copperstone, A.J. Brown, and Kevin Wallis. This book was put together by the coolest editorial team in independent publishing. Kudos to John Arthur Miller, Chris Bartholomew, Kevin Wallis, A.J. Brown and the rest of the gang.

Quick Update – Good News Is forthcoming!

When I’m busy creatively I get bad about updating such things. I also like to not report on things until they are official.

That said, I’ve been doing a lot of writing as I’ve gone insane with creativity. And so keeping up the theme that began at the start of fall with the release of my first solo CD, I have managed to accomplish a couple of things other things of note before year’s end. I am no longer the creative hermit I’ve been the past few years, especially in terms of writing fiction and poetry.

And speaking of poetry, I just had two poems (a term I use lightly as I do not profess to be a bona fide poet) accepted for publication. It’s a print edition of a fine speculative fiction e-zine. I’ll announce the title and additional info in a few days.

Music wise, something else is on the horizon, but can’t divulge the details just yet. But I’ll just say that I will be providing my musical talents to a certain speculative fiction e-zine to be named later. It’s a cool project that will keep me busy muscially all next year with a steady output of compositions to integrate with…[classified]. I’ll announce more on this soon.

Another update with more revealing details soon to come.