Creative & Editorial Services

Working Together

I have always been open to collaborating with other creative people, especially visual artists, specifically illustrators, and other writers. I’ve also put in a lot time helping others in different advocacy roles as an editor, workshop member and peer adviser. 

Creative Collaboration

Experienced Writers: I am never short on ideas or projects and could always use or lend a helping hand when it comes to fleshing out and developing new projects as well as producing pages of polished prose. I would most want to collaborate on long or serialized projects such as novels/novellas, comic book scripts and screenplays. My bio and list of credits can be seen here. A library of my selects works can be seen here.

Graphic Artists/Visual Storytellers: I do have a strong need for illustrators to create print comics/graphic novels as well as web/digital comics. These comics projects are intended as 50/50 co-creations.

Photographers/Digital artists who want to create something unique out of a merging of your images with my words.

The combination of words and images is a very compelling and addictive medium, as evident with our pop cultural obsessions with movies, televisions and comic books/graphic novels. So if you are a visual artist who is interested in collaborating on an original project, simply use the contact form below to break the ice let’s make something happen. If you are NOT an artist yourself, but you know of artists looking for a collaborative project with a worthy partner, please pass this information along.

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Editorial Services

New Writers: So, Curious Reader, are you also a creative writer yourself, an aspiring scribe just getting started or perhaps already writing but still new to the fields of fiction, nonfiction or journalism writing? Do you need a seasoned professional to help review, proofread and edit your various forms of short fiction, long fiction (novellas & novels), or nonfiction/journalism (articles, columns, editorials/opt-eds, essays, journal, memoirs, etc.)?

For a small negotiable fee* I can provide that service for you. We’ll even bind ourselves to a mutually agreed upon contract. Some of my past editing work includes the 2011 print anthology Local Heroes (which bears my name on the cover), as well as a 3-year stint as a fiction editor for Liquid Imagination webzine (53 stories selected/edited across 10 issues), and a 2-month guest stint for Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope: All-Story Extra (issues #22 & 23, May & June 2000). My bio and list of credits can be seen here.

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For either situation, please send an icebreaker email to me via this handy form:

*(private negotiation as each project is unique with its own labor requirements)