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Working Together

I have always been open to collaborating with other creative people, especially visual artists, specifically illustrators, and other writers. I’ve also put in a lot time helping others in different advocacy roles as an editor, workshop member and peer adviser.

So if you are . . .

  • a fellow experienced writer
  • a graphic/digital artist
  • a sequential storyteller (comic book artist)
  • a photographer
  • a fellow musician

. . . and would like explore the possibility of collaborating on a project (brand new or the dozens I have in reserve), please use the contact form below.


Local Heroes (final)Screenshot_2016-05-29-11-59-00

Are you a newer writer just getting started or perhaps already writing but still new to the fields of fiction, nonfiction or journalism writing? Do you need a seasoned editor to help review, proofread and re-edit your various forms of short fiction, long fiction (novellas & novels), or nonfiction/journalism (articles, columns, editorials/opt-eds, essays, journal, memoirs, etc.)? If so I could provide editorial services to you if you send me an icebreaker using the handy contact form below.

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