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Weekend Report: Update – What I’m Working On

There’s never enough hours in the day, nor enough of me to go around, so I just try to overacheive and make do within the limitations of the human condition.


So here, for me if no one else, is a rundown of the work I’m doing outside the job that actually pays monetarily.

– Currently: I’m wrapping up my section of the next issue of Liquid Imagination, making six different authors happy overall in the process. That should be done tonight or tomorrow morning. The May issue will go live on your interwebs May 31st, or thereabouts. Suprisingly I will be ahead for the first time on the 10th issue, which will be out in late August.

– Next during the rest of May and virtually all of June I move on to putting together the manuscript for my short story collection, which has a tentative release date of the first week of July over at Smashwords. I’ll also be looking into perhaps doing an ultra-limited print run of the book, which does have a title, but will not be revealed until closer to release. The title is perfectly apt for the general theme throughout the dozen or more stories that will be presented. Putting together the perfect book cover will certainly be a challenge.

– Concurrent with my short story collection manuscript will be work on the manusript for the long-gestating print anthology I’m compiling and editing called Local Heroes, which will be published in the late summer by Static Movement.

– Also during this time I will be putting the final touches on a handful of short stories for specific anthologies. The stories are all like 3/4 to 5/6 finished, they just require their author to give them the undivided attention and tender loving care they deserve to get to that elusive finish line. The stories in question include: “Cult Storm”, “All In a Day’s Work”, “The Other Roommate”, and “Call of Duty: A Cop’s Tale”. There’s a new one brewing called “My Last Words”, but I doubt that one gets done before the month of July, nor any of the other stories that are in various states of progress.  As stated and committed to all year, July is my personal cut-off month for all short ficton and shenanigans, becasue . . .

– . . . in July I return to work on my novel, fully committed (hell, matrimonously married) to it with no ifs, no buts, and no excuses.

Update Working Update

Update: Busy Body

Been writin’.

And brainstorming.

And discussing things with other independent writers.

Planning big plans.

Things are afoot…plans for the independent writer to maximize his or her options.

A lot of new ideas and thinking a bit outside the box. But none of it will be easy and it will require hard work and great patience. The hard work I’ve got covered. Patience, not so much. But we will see.

Lost sleep last night finishing up a story for an anthology. Should know whether it’s accepted or not in a day or so. Not overly confident I wrote it as best as I could since I didn’t keep it (well, the new second half of it) to myself for days/weeks/months.

Battle of the bands will return in a day or two as I move toward the big finish. That’s more time consuming than what should be legal. But it’s fun. Good geeky fun.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Smashwords Update Working Update

Update: What Is and What Will Be

This past week I have decided to self-publish a collection of short stories called [CLASSIFIED]. It will be 15 stories, a mix of shorts, flashes and micros.  I have amassed a pretty large vault of stories since the mid-90s, many of which I’ve just been  hoarding like some possessive little hermit for one reason or another. Most of them are from a time when I was a writer who was much more prolific and not as distracted with family and other commitments. One story is newer, and another is so brand new it’s not even written yet, but it is one I have been mulling for a few weeks now that will be a tribute to Nippon-koku/Nihon-koku/Japan. My intention is to release this collection sometime in July, so I will be polishing those babies up and getting them nice and pretty for their big day. What’s not decided yet is if I will take a stab at Amazon’s new self-publish direct to Kindle platform, or just go with Smashwords. And speaking of Smashwords

Smashwords Progress report: (reads/downloads/samples)
Shard: A Bloody Microfiction = 124 since 3/11/11
Mass Graves: A Story for Haiti = 79 since 3/11/11
All Things Considered = 14 since 3/12/11
Pieces of Candice = 12 since 3/12/11

It should be noted that the bottom two were once erroneously listed as for sale at $1.99 and $.99, repectively (my error). “Candice” was rectified last week, and I just fixed “All Things” today. I’ve set both up for Premium Distribution to all the major digital retailers. Should only be a matter of time ‘fore they arrive at those venues. In the meantime they are available for FREE read and download over at Smashwords.

It’s cool to see that a bunch of people have read your writing. Without readers, writing is a little less relevent. Art is to be shared with humanity, not hoarded away from it.

In other news…

Not sure when I will get to the Round 2 matchups for the Gen. Rock & Alt-Rock Region in the Battle of the Bands Tournament. I have a lunch meeting this afternoon in Downtown Indy with Silver Pen founder/president & colleague, Karl Rademacher (whom I’ve talked to, but not yet met), who is in town on business. I haven’t lived in Indianapolis in some five years now (although I started working down there again last summer), and I typically loathe driving in downtown traffic (I hate one-way streets). So Rademacher’s lure, aside from the requisite good company and conversation?

  • “I’ll pay for your parking”
  • “And the chow”
  • “It’s the least I can do, especially asking you to drive in this crap weather.”

Well, I’m no fool. I’ll be Downtown this afternoon. I have no idea where we’re going to eat and chill. Maybe I’ll take pics. Maybe we’ll get some good ideas going for our fledgling Writer’s Association.

Perhaps later today I’ll get back to the Battle of the Bands Tournament. If not today, then tomorrow will be a triple-header.

Off to the shower, but before I go, I found some beautiful music by Sleepingdog thanks to one Warren Ellis (the English writer, not the Australian musician).

Update Working Update

Update: The Week That Was/The Weekend That Will Be

Got a few things to get to today yet. Some of this is a few days old as I have been focused on my Battle of the Bands Tournament the last few days (and unfortunately I can’t access this blog on my PC at work). So, on with it…

First up: Captain America: The First Avenger full trailer has been released and it is a must see. Probably the most anticipated blockbuster for me this year (since the next Underworld film has been pushed back to January 2012). Check it out below.

Also, another preview worth checking out is for Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. This scene is actually the first five minutes of the film. Make sure you stay tuned in til the end of the scene because it’s pretty explosive what happens.

Obligatory Warren Ellis update: Wired magazine has a nice write up on Ellis and the documentary film, Captured Ghosts about him that’s pretty cool. There’s even a new trailer in the article. Check it out here.

This weekend, like any other, during the times I’m not hanging out with the fam, I will be busy on this here laptop working on various things.

  • There’s that aforementioned Battle of the Bands Tournament that’s been happening on this here blog this week (gonna finish the first round this weekend to wittle the field down by half to 32). Bands moving on to the Second Round (so far): The Cure, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Matthews Band, Live, Pear Jam, Ben Folds Five, Metallica, Death, Slayer, and Megadeth.
  • I have new submissions from a couple of writers looking to get into my Local Heroes anthology. So I will be reading those with high hopes of adding to the table of contents. I’m barely over the half-way mark of getting this baby filled. With any luck it will be published this summer (by Chris Bartholomew’s Static Movement imprint).
  • There are stories of my own to be edited and spit-shine-polished for submission to editors, as well as for my self-publishing endeavors over at Smashwords. In a week or so I will publish a new story from The Vault, followed by another the following week, probably. That means I have cover design work to do. The first story is a tragic romance, so I will need to design something that conveys that aspect. Not being cheesy will not be easy, I’m afraid.

I fear that musically this year will be a wash for me because I have so much writing going on. I haven’t touched a guitar in a couple of weeks now.

Battle of the Bands Tournament continues later today. Part 2 of the Extreme Metal Region. Perhaps the most competitive region on my bracket.

No Friday Music Flashback for a bit. There will be plenty of music, past and present, featured in the tourney over the next two weeks.

Smashwords Update Working Update

Update: This Weekend

Cover Design

This weekend I must prepare for the launch of my self-publishing endeavors over at Smashwords. I am going to kickoff with four short stories ranging in length from under 500 words to slightly over 5000 words. I already have a cover made up for “Shard” (see sidebar), but I have three others I need to design. Gonna need to proofread the stories again, even despite them all having been previously published in low-circulation publications.

Finish up WIPs

I’ve got a hearty handful of short stories that are 3/4s, 3/5s and 4/5s away from the finish line. If I wrap up at least two of those and get them sent off by Monday, then I’ve been a focused and rather busy bee. That means I’ll be at odds with sleep, which would be a little unfortunate as I’ve played that game all week already and it’s caught up with me. Even though I’m far from BFFs with the sandman (i.e. sleep), I do understand the importance of that particular non-active activity.

Rocking Out (i.e. songwriting)

I will also being playing some guitar, some bass…maybe the keyboard along with the drum machine to start composing some new music. Not sure what’s going to come out of me considering the variety genres I have swirling around in my head since the stuff I regularly listen to is so diverse. I haven’t seriously written any new music since the end of summer, so I’m pretty anxious to see what manifests.


– Another project this weekend is to find away to convert the DVD of a 2006 Motosota @ ORANJE show we performed into a more common and editable format. Stay tuned on that.

– I also need to record a tutorial video for a 2008 song of mine called “The New Regime” for Joshua Hooten, my old friend/guitar buddy/Dichotomous metal partner. Which reminds me that I need to learn some new guitar riffs of his as well. Should probably upload another one of our old tunes to ReverbNation+Facebook as well. Just not sure which one.

– I’ll probably update the Infamous Quotes page also.

Okay, I’m off. My guitar impatiently waits….

Two of my best friends
Update Working Update

Update: Taking Stock – Creative Plans for 2011

A week or so ago while laid up in bed with what the doctor called a mere sinus infection (but I called creeping death), I had time to survey all the creative projects I have going on this year, most of which involving writing stories. I had over a dozen stories slated for as many anthologies for nearly as many editors, plus an additional handful intended for certain online venues because I don’t have much work available online as most of it is currently in print. I also wanted to launch a couple of fiction serials online because I’ve loved episodic fiction since I was a kid and I have had characters and stories conceived for that kind of format for a very long time now. Then there are the readings of submissions for the Local Heroes anthology, as well as the next issue of Liquid Imagination online. Add to that the preparation of previously written and/or published stories to self-publish on Smashwords. And that’s all just for the first half of the year. The second half will be decidedly more singularly and selfishly focused as I get back to my YA novel that has an altogether different take on the whole institution of vampires, and then come November I will take a short break from that to begin work on an experimental novelette during NaNoWriMo that I’ve been itching to tackle for several months now. The NaNoWriMo competition is the perfect setup for tacking this experimental story that relies on chapters written daily and spontaneously to chronicle the new life of a man who is a stranger even to himself.

With a new perspective from the aforementioned death bed, I have made some changes to those plans. Only the stories already in progress (i.e. older stories that are simply being revised and polished for new anthologies) will continue, although I will commit to one brand new story aimed at special anthology project for the Halloween season. The plan is for it to be a bon-a-fide haunted story, perhaps my scariest ever (I’m not much of a straight up horror writer these days). So, I think that brings me down under a dozen stories; still a more manageable workload given the deadlines that loom. And in regards to serials, probably wise to pursue one and get a good lead on it before entertaining the notion of juggling an additional one.

I’ve also made a conscious effort to pull back on the online jibber-jabbering on writer’s websites and other social venues. That’s a lot more time better spent being productive, methinks. Art is a solitary vocation, and the less you have of other people’s voices in your head, the better your own voice comes through in your art.

Adding to my activities is the usual Spring time urge to make new music. It happens every year, just like every Autumn I get that urge to write unsustainable numbers of new stories. So, with the clearing out of some of the clutter, I’ve decided to set some time aside during the Spring months to get into my studio and produce some all-new music. I can only shun that side of me in favor of writing fiction and non-fiction for so long. I should just make it my Springtime ritual to produce new music every year. Almost two years ago is when I finally knuckled down to record that Sap album as a one man band.

The plan is to simply pick up a guitar, or the bass, along with the keyboard and drum machine, and just let the pent-up music flow. I don’t care if it’s something for Sap, or Saint Ruckus, or Dichotomous, or some as-yet-to-be-named project. I’m just going to let the music flow unhindered, unfiltered and unbridled. That’s pretty much the months of April, May and June, with a bit of pre-production and setup in March.

It helps to put this all in writing. So here’s what I have in the hopper (posting it here publically to keep a fire under my ass):

Fiction writing:

– Stories: “All in a Day’s Work”, “Call of Duty: A Cops Tale”, “Cult Storm”, “Fall of the Morningstar”, “15 Minutes”, “Finder Kept”, “The Formula”, and TBA new horror story – (Winter/Spring)

– YA vampire novel – (Summer/Fall/most of 2012)

– NaNoWriMo novelette, title picked but unrevealed – (Nov/Dec)

Non-fiction writing:

– The first Rucker Report “Applying Advice” over at Flash Fiction Chronicles – (February)

– An interview/guest blog session of sorts for Rick Taubold’s Anything Vampires blog, hosted by his vampire character Jonathan Clayton – (March)

– Part II of my interview with Bob Thurber @ Liquid Imagination, in which we will discuss his dysfunctional novel, Paperboy – (May/June)


– Stories: “All Things Considered”, “Living and Dying Under a Harvest Moon”, “Pieces of Candice”, and “Shard” will launch my e-book publishing endeavors over at Smashwords. (March; additional works throughout the year)

– Liquid Imagination #9’s Microfiction Section – (Spring)

– Local Heroes anthology (for Static Movement) – (Spring/Summer)

Music – Writing & Recording:

– Approximately six to eight new songs to be demoed – (March – June)

Absoulutely no rest for the wicked.

And the wicked like it that way.