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Marvel/Netflix Luke Cage Season Two Trailer

June 22nd!!!

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Tagline: Hero is your word, not mine.

Marvel’s Luke Cage Season Two is out June 22 on Netflix!

Luke Cage Season 2 Promo

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Image Comics: So Much Damage | SYFY Documentary

Aside from not getting a lot of new information (for those of us who’ve been around since then), the one bad thing about these kinds of documentaries is how they tend to get the chronology all wonky. You don’t cover the start of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead (October 2003) and say THEN Powers (April 2000) came out and Brian Michael Bendis was fired by Todd McFarlane off of Sam & Twitch (series debuted in August 1999) and also say he then went on to write Marvel’s Ultimate Spider (also started in 2000) and AliasJessica Jones (later in 2001). Or how about toward the end when they had a footnote saying that Kirkman’s Outcast TV show debuted in the year 2010, the same year as TWD TV show?


There were a couple of other examples. I believe it’s important to get that kind of minutiae as precise and accurate as possible when presenting a historical documentary. That’s often compromised when things are edited for bite-sized consumption. [end nerd rant].

At any rate, it’s always a treat to watch and hear the boys talk about their awesome shared baby in the form of Image Comics.


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Netflix & Marvel’s The Defenders | Official Trailer [HD]

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Meanwhile, As We Wait for Southern Bastards . . .

Well, those of us (and we are legion) waiting around (im)patiently for more Southern Bastards can thank the upcoming SCALPED TV show and the developing SOUTHERN BASTARDS TV show as well as both Jasons, Aaron & Latour’s, contractual commitments at Marvel for the wait and irregularity of our favorite Dixie-fried crime comic series. Great things are worth the wait, but damn, I need at least 6 issues of Southern Bastards a year. But I can do two things at once — grump about the lack of Southern Bastards in my life while also congratulating the Jasons (especially Aaron) on their ever-increasing success. Bravo boys! But word to the wise: you don’t really want to be on Coach Boss’ bad side, do ya? Just sayin’.

You can check out @jasonaaron’s Tweet for yourself here:

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The River’s Edge | Riverdale Pilot Commentary

Obviously the inspiration for this adaptation, particularly in tone, is more owed to the recently rebooted Archie comics than the old school originals that began in the golden age of comics during the 1940s. So going in with that and the fact that it’s a modern day teen show on the CW with a mysterious teen murder as a backdrop, you know it’s going to be darker, seedier. However, being created/executive produced by Greg Berlanti gives it more than a snowball’s chance in hell to become a successful show on multiple levels, if Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl are any indication.


All in all, last week’s pilot episode of Riverdale was intriguing, despite various changes to the essence and mythos of the Archie universe, not to mention typical pilot wrinkles. There’s a Twin Peaks feel to it, mixed in with some 90210 melodrama. I have to admit a teen show of this nature is not something I had been looking for since like Dawson’s Creek in 1998 in my mid-20s, and I still  don’t necessarily need one these days, not with the current trappings that comes with today’s teenage life (trust me, I’m a dad on his second teenager currently).

Here’s a bullet-point rundown of the nitpicks I had with the pilot:

  • The casting is pretty good, especially Veronica Lodge, Fred Andrews and Jughead Jones, but . . .
  • They couldn’t find a blond to cast for Kevin Keller, especially considering there are no blond dudes on the show?
  • There’s always a visual problem when you have very mature looking 20-somethings playing teenage characters, especially mere sophomores.
  • The lesbian kiss between Veronica and Betty was forced and gratuitous in its execution.
  • Moose Mason . . . cue the closeted gay bisexual high school athlete. Really? Gay/bisexual characters are totally fine (I’m very far from being a homophobe), but the closeted gay/bisexual jock is such low-hanging fruit. It’s too convenient.
  • Is it really hard to put together a teen-aimed show minus the forced sexual content?
  • Josie “Pussycat” McCoy had one-note and not an ounce of charisma.
  • Reggie Mantle is rather vapid.
  • Jughead was scarce, we need more Jughead. However, he is Archie’s best former best friend and also the narrator, so naturally his role will increase.

My initial rating is somewhere around a 3.5 or a little more. But what the hell, my teen daughter digs it and I have an opening in my nightly schedule at the moment, having dropped out on the CW’s Supergirl after a rocky start to season two. I’ll employ a little patience to give Riverdale a couple of episodes to truly win me over.

Episode 2 is tonight at 9 PM EST.



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Video | Who Is Luke Cage? – Netflix Featurette