1st Issue Fetish: BLACK WIDOW #1 by Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto

This is one of the All-New Marvel NOW! titles I’d be most interested in giving a read (along with a new series featuring a certain green-skinned powerhouse bombshell). I enjoy Nathan Edmondson’s writing on his creator-owned book The Activity (with artist Mitch Gerards). As for Phil Noto, he can be a little hit n’ miss if only due to the sameness in the likeness of his characters (particularly the ladies). But this should be a fun ride of a book full of (mis)adventure. 
Black Widow #1 will be released next week on January 8, 2014 from Marvel Comics. Check out CBR’s exclusive preview here.

1st Issue Fetish + Linkage: Robot 6 FURIOUS Interview with Bryan J.L. Glass & Victor Santos

Dark Horse Comics has been amping up things as one of the go-to independent publishers for creator-owned properties. I know it’s in no small part due to Scott Allie’s appointment as Editor-in-Chief (whom I’ve met through a friend who happens to be DHC’s Director of Marketing). Allie’s a sharp guy and a brilliant editor and DHC has really been benefitting from his leadership. This one looks to be pretty interesting. Furious #1 will be released January 29, 2014. Clicky the link to check out the interview with the creators. 

2013 Fetish Favorites: SEX CRIMINALS — Most Original New Comic Series

To me Sex Criminalsfeels like it was created by direct descendants of both Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame, but minus the Latino aspects. The narrative from a female character’s perspective is very sound and flawless. The sexual aspects handled with skill and great knowing humor. And in the first issue, Suzie’s origin-flashback, the trials and tribulations of youth were informed and executed with accuracy. The high concept of two people who can stop time when they have an orgasm finally finding each other and naively thinking they can use this special power to embark on a life of crime is one of the more unique in the market, set up perfectly for great action, drama, laugh-out-louds and yes, sex to be had in the coming issues of what promises to be a fine ongoing creator-owned series for years to come.
But be forewarned, as the back covers explicitly and boldly state in big letters: “FOR MATURE READERS DUH” And in the smaller letters: “Don’t sell this to a kid, what are you, nuts? Seriously” (issue #1) or “There’s, like, an entire scene that takes place in a sex shoppe” (issue #2). The place where I bought my comics had them bagged-and-boarded as extra security to thwart the wrong young and eager eyes.

Broken News Update: Bleeding Cool says DEADLY CLASS #1 is Top Reorder

I wasn’t kidding when I said in my earlier post that ya better make sure you have your local retailer preorder/hold you a copy of Rick Remender’s DEADLY CLASS #1. Although it will be a fast seller, it looks like retailers are on the ball with advance reorders.
LINKAGE: Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool reports (with chart evidence)

1st Issue Fetish: Rick Remender’s DEADLY CLASS #1

Announced at last year’s Image Expo in July, this one has been a long time coming. But this new creator-owned project from the iron-hot writer Rick Remender, with artist Wesley Craig and colorist Lee Loughridge, will finally hit comic shops and digital outlets on January 22, 2014 from Image Comics. Deadly Class follows in the wake of the quick sell-out of Black Science #1, Remender’s other new series at Image that debuted in November, which prompted additional printings of that much coveted first printing of issue one (which I’ve personally seen in a comic shop $6 sticker on the polybag). From the buzz of that and its own buzz-worthiness, I expect Deadly Class #1 to perform in similar fashion. Hopefully you got your pre-order in with your LCS.

1st Issue Fetish: The Private Eye – by Vaughan & Martin (Panel Syndicate)

The Private Eye #1
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Marcos Martin
Publisher: Panel Syndicate.com

Last week I told some of my CBLF’s (comic book-loving friends) via Twitter: 
“My brothers in comic book worship, I have found the latest scripture & it’s great. This digital tome of graphic literary goodness is worth the $2.99 I PayPal’ed on it.” 
Sometimes hyperbole, even the metaphorical kind, can be fun. But I meant every word.

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