Station Identification – Testing, Testing!

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Is this thing still on? If you’re able to read this then it means I have survived my recent untold misadventures into the unknown!

I haven’t made one of these station idents in nearly two years, so here we go . . .

Hello and welcome.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read anything I post here. I think all writers write with the hope — hell, the dire need for a reading audience and I am no exception, despite the recent dearth of postings here of late.

Obviously this is my little humble corner of the Interwebs and blogosphere where I’ll pretty much muse and rave about the creative things I’m doing or consuming, which is predominantly reading, writing and rocking out to the music I love, and everything in between. My posting activities here have been very sporadic the last year or so, but I intend to use this space more regularly starting this week.

Curious newbies can learn more about me here.

This blog contains a number of running journals: Daybook, Lifebook, Journal Juice,  Notebook, Thinkbook, The Evening Muse, The Morning Muse and Workbook, which can all be more directly accessed via the menu above. I will continue to add to them periodically as the need arises.

As for social media follows, they are as follows:

And if you have a comic book fetish you can join me there where I occasionally share my graphical fiction indulgences.


PROJECT MISERY (codename for a developing serial)


SOUTHERN BASTARDS: Vol. 4 – Gut Check by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour





Station ID and Warm Welcome

~ In lieu of the weekly Sunday Thinkbook this week ~

cropped-headshot.jpgThis is #RUCKOLOGY @ brandonrucker dot com. Welcome and thanks for reading.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these kinds of check-ins. The page has picked up quite a few followers in the past year since, that I thought I’d do a quick shout-out to welcome all the new folks here and to thank you all for following.

Brief history about this blog: I finally got around to starting a blog in late 2009 just as I started publishing poetry and short fiction again. Inspired by the semi-daily blogging of British author Warren Ellis (who has now moved on to a weekly newsletter instead), I wanted to have a public forum with which to share my creative exploits and muse about this n’ that. Typical reasons, right? The other main purpose was to have a place where I am forced to perform as a writer on a regular basis because writing publicly forces you to stay sharp and always write well.

I started out over on Google’s Blogger, calling the site simply Brandon Rucker Writes. I didn’t get heavily active on it until 2011. Flash forward to 2013 when I finally migrated over to WordPress, importing everything from BRW on Blogger to here. The rest, they say, is history. So over the last few years it’s become a place for great expression of thoughts and ideas, a cognitive download depot or sorts. Something I own that I can stay creative and skew it to my needs.

Admittedly I’m the kind of person who is very progressive-minded and believes in continuous improvement, so I’m constantly adjusting things here because new ideas and approaches never stop arriving in this overactive noggin of mine. At some point in doing this site I got a little category-happy, plus I’m a serial junkie. A glance at the menu down the left side there shows a rather complex navigation. Here are few notes to get you familiar with the haps here.

About – Bio & Publishing Credits

The Books

  • Daybook – a serial of random any day events
  • Lifebook – s serial of random life events worth spotlighting
  • Notebook – a serial of random notes on-the-fly
  • Thinkbook – a serial of weekly brainjuice leakage
  • Workbook – a serial of mostly monthly creative work updates

Got a few new ones coming soon, their titles should be self-evident: Advicebook, Artbook, Cinemabook, Photobook, Showbook (TV) and Quotebook.

The Boxes

  • MusicBox – a serial of me playing virtual DJ/VJ and music geek commentary
  • ComicsBox – A spotlight on notable comics. Debuts this week.

The Journals

If you’ve made it this far, I know what you’re thinking. I know, I see you shaking your head over there. IKR? It’s very likely there’s going to come a time (with any luck) when I’m going to be too busy creatively to maintain regular output here. It will be a good problem to have in the grand scheme of things, though. But seriously, thanks for reading.

Also some linkage if you so desire to follow my exploits abroad:

That about covers it. And by all means, do drop me your linkage as well so I can reciprocate.

So there’s a lot going on and I’ve got plenty on my mind of late, so I may fire off a Thinkbook entry tomorrow. In a couple of hours I’ll be off to see Suicide Squad this evening. Maybe I’ll have a Cinemabook entry on that as well. Again, thanks for your time and attention. Do come back for more.



Check-In and Station Identification

Firstly, thank you for visiting and taking the time to read anything that I post here. No writer writes without the expectation – no scratch that – the dire, insatiable NEED for a reading audience. Any writer who writes publicly expects to not do so in a vacuum nor toil solitarily in a void of obscurity. So that said, I greatly appreciate your clicks, your eyes and your precious time. When I first set out to create Ruckerpedia, which is the natural successor to the old Brandon Rucker Writes blog (2009-2014) over on Blogger, the initial compulsion was to create a kind of one-stop-shop, or comprehensive resource and online headquarters for yours truly. All details and connections to my fiction (new and old), journalism, commentary, creative nonfiction, musings, poetry, music, etc. And that’s still the case, but I also would like to make this more of a daily living, breathing thing, similar to my Facebook timeline and group pages, which unfortunately get the bulk of my online time due to their aspects of community and most of all ease of use (if you’ve ever tried to manage a website/blog with a phone app, you know what I mean here).  For those of you new to the program, welcome. It’s good to have you. Much more to come today and the next few days because there’s much writing work underway and I’m itching to tell you all about it.

In the meantime just scroll on to explore recent posts, or use the Menu & Widgets button to access the navigation links. See you soon. Be good to each other.

Station ID - Jul 2015


Check-in and Station Identification

Hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day yesterday.  This month’s The Rucker Report update takes a bye week this week while I tend to a long laundry list of things to do, both creative and mundane (and some of which is technical and will be included in the details later).  May’s TRR will properly transmit next Monday (however you can expect other posts of interest this week as I increase activity here at Ruckerpedia HQ).  Until then y’all be good to one another . . . and here’s a Station ID for the fun of it. – BLR

Station ID - May 2015

Station Identification

Station ID - Feb 2015

The Rucker Report for Week 6 of 2015 arrives tomorrow afternoon. Until then…Be well. Be merry. Stay warm. Have a Happy Monday tomorrow. I know, that’s a tall order because Mondays are quite formidable bastards.


I sometimes write creative non-fiction and musings at: Hello, Blank Page

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Station Identification

Station ID - Dec 2014

Here at Ruckerpedia things are constantly changing because we (the staff of one) believe in continuous improvement, which means we are always working to make this place more inviting and hospitable. Recently the Fiction – Micro wing was been furnished, so be sure to check that out. There are seven pieces archived there, each under 400 words. Next on the agenda is moving furniture into these other rather empty and pitiful wings of this dreadful manor: Fiction – Flash, Fiction – Excerpts, Journalism, Lyrics/Poetry as well as maybe adding some end tables and futons to the Music lounge (actually what it really needs is a jukebox. We’ll get right on that). At some point the Bylines and Covers wings will be combined into one. That last wing on the end there, Notebook, will get more carpet laid here and there from time to time, but really, the best place to catch that traction is over at Hello, Blank Page.

Other than that, if you need to reach the always on-the-go staff, you can do so with the best ease on Twitter @RuckerWrites.

Be well. Be merry. Stay warm. Happy Monday.

This is Ruckerpedia (duh!).