Ruckin’ With You | 12.20.16 | Work In Progress

Transmitting the last Ruckin' of the old year. When you really think about it, aren't we all just a work in progress? We're never a finished project, that is unless we're dead. We're never truly done with our work, because the next work awaits. Even if we're fortunate enough to gracefully--willfully--retire, what awaits us is the work [...]

Ruckin’ With You | 11.29.16 | The Lone Wolf

It's a good thing I'm a fairly independent person who is no stranger to the role of lone wolf and self-reliance because I've once again been made starkly aware that it's the only way for me to roll creatively, at least until certain things significantly change. As a musician, inherently I am a very collaborative [...]

Ruckin’ With You | 11.18.16 | Ugh!

Late Edition. As I finally file this away for transmission to you on this fine Friday (71 degrees in mid-November), I am a miserable bastard who stayed home from work today due to having received the plague from my teenage daughter. I know how it happened too. It was last Saturday when I was enclosed [...]

Ruckin’ With You | 10.31.16 | I’m Off . . .

. . . to NaNoWriMo later at 12:01 AM. Hello. Figured I'd better fire off what might be the last Ruckin' missive for a few weeks. As I finally embark on the NaNo endeavor I'm going to make the best attempt at radio silence that I can because I'm like our family dog who is easily [...]

Ruckin’ With You | 10.16.16 | I Am Returned

Family vacation is over. A good time was had. But it’s over and today I deal with the looming return to work on a gloomy overcast day with some rain after a week of blue skies and sunshine. Woe is me, right? At any rate, overall we enjoyed our time in the mid-North states of [...]

Ruckin’ With You | 10.9.16 | Library’s Open!

I'd really like to be ruckin' with y'all proper today, however, I'm not going to be able to because... I'm on vacation!!! Out of town with the fam this week, on a multi-stop adventure which commenced this morning with a 6-hour drive. I sure hope to get a lot of backlogged reading done during the down [...]

Ruckin’ With You | 10.2.16 | Autumn Descends

According to the calendar it’s officially been autumn for over a week now, and this past week the weather has reacted accordingly with milder days and cooler nights. Born in late September, I am effectively a child of the Fall. And I’ve always had a strained relationship with the final full season of the calendar [...]