The Past Year in Podcasts

Actually, this doesn’t represent the entire year, it just represents how I ended the year in subscriptions via the STITCHER app, which I finally started using pretty much exclusively last summer for my daily podcast streaming — a highly essential part of my daily workflow (along with music streaming, of course).

Sports talk, geek/nerd culture, music, news, science, politics, literature, the writing life, etc. As the year goes along I’ll probably further diversify and also streamline the lineup.



Scott Snyder talks All Star Batman, The Button and Metal! | Bat Force Radio Ep 075

170x170bbBAT FORCE RADIO is the podcast of the Batman! The Bat Force is a group of tight-knit friends from across the globe that came together through the passion of Batman. This show delivers everything imaginable from the world of the Dark Knight and DC in general! [ Rated Mature | Explicit Content ] – Subscribe and rate in iTunes!