Gallery: INFERNO (X-Men, The New Mutants and X-Factor)

The Classic 1988 ad for Marvel’s X-book crossover storyline Inferno – Artwork by Marc Silvestri
Circa 1988. Easily one of my favorite comic book storylines of all time. It starred the X-Men (and their extended family). The story was Masterminded by writer Chris Claremont, with help from New Mutants & X-Factor writer Louise Simonson, and their editor Ann Nocenti, with issues drawn by legendary superstars Marc Silvestri and Walter Simonson. (more to come)

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Gallery: Dan Brereton’s THE NOCTURNALS

The cover (sans text) to Nocturnals: Carnival Beasts OGN (Image) – Artwork by Daniel Brereton

Dan Brereton’s THE NOCTURNALS was one of my absolute favorite comic book series from the 1990s. Sadly I have not had the pleasure of reading this Image Comics graphic novel published in 2002 (during a brief time when I largely away from comics). Someday I’m going to have to do a column on this awesome sci-fi/supernatural/noir series.

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