Hushed – Pillars (2017 EP)

Perfectly hushed and chill music for writing, mediation, solitude . . . in the quiet hours. Also nite-nite music.


“Long & Lost” | Florence + The Machine


Valentine’s Night Music by Brandon ‘Saint Ruckus’ Rucker

A little night music by yours truly for all you romancing couples out there tonight.

© 2007 by Brandon L. Rucker/I Rock Recordings

Nite-Nite Music: "The Love Thieves" & "Home"

by Depeche Mode, both from their great 1997 album Ultra.

First, “The Love Thieves”, one of my top 5 favorite songs by them featuring my favorite (male) singer, David Gahan:

And in honor of Father’s Day, the song “Home” dedicated to my family because they are the very definition of the word home. Every night begins and ends with them.
This one’s another top favorite of mine, sung not by David Gahan, but by chief songwriter and occasional singer, Martin L. Gore.

 G’night, sleep tight. Don’t let the mosquitoes bite!