Hushed – Pillars (2017 EP)

Perfectly hushed and chill music for writing, mediation, solitude . . . in the quiet hours. Also nite-nite music.


Valentine’s Night Music by Brandon ‘Saint Ruckus’ Rucker

A little night music by yours truly for all you romancing couples out there tonight. © 2007 by Brandon L. Rucker/I Rock Recordings

Nite-Nite Music: "The Love Thieves" & "Home"

by Depeche Mode, both from their great 1997 album Ultra. First, "The Love Thieves", one of my top 5 favorite songs by them featuring my favorite (male) singer, David Gahan:And in honor of Father's Day, the song "Home" dedicated to my family because they are the very definition of the word home. Every night begins … Continue reading Nite-Nite Music: "The Love Thieves" & "Home"