It’s the Dreaded End of All Things for INVINCIBLE (video)

Robert Kirkman (Co-creator/writer), Cory Walker (Co-creator/artist) and Ryan Ottley (artist) discuss the humble beginnings and the inevitable end of their cult-favorite indie superhero series Invincible.

The final storyline “The End of All Things” to close out the long-running series is currently being published by Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics.


Video: GRANT MORRISON: Talking with Gods

Video courtesy of ComicBookTherapy on You Tube.

Eh, what the hell, why not a double-feature on Saturday Night Theater. This time it’s another “controversial” (I kinda hate that word) comics author by the name of Grant Morrison. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Produced by Respect Films and those awesome people over at Sequart, Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods is a pretty darn cool watch. Love him or hate him, Morrison is a true visionary talent.

As the disclaimer on the You Tube page notes, this is: Presented here for educational, criticism, entertainment and nostalgia purposes only. All rights held by copyright owner and any content will be removed immediately at their request.

Video: The Mindscape of ALAN MOORE Documentary

Video courtesy of ComicBookTherapy on You Tube.

Taking a brief break from posting to catch up on things. However, I see no reason not to start Saturday Night Theater here at CBF. I unearthed, quite by accident, an old Alan Moore documentary from 2003 that’s equal parts creepy and curious. He’s been a lightning rod for controversy for a while now, but I still find his mind to be fascinating. And that Northampton accent is the icing on the cake. Check it out. If you dare (i.e. got nothing better to do on a Saturday night as Snowpocalypse looms. Or worse).

Video: FRANK MILLER Icons Documentary

I didn’t even know this existed. Probably aired on G4 nearly 10 years ago since it documents up to the first Sin City movie. It’s only about a half-hour long (including commercials), so it’s brisk rather than in-depth. The most interesting parts, obviously, are his pre-career history, Daredevil/Elektra, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City. Not an in-depth doc, but worth a single viewing for FM fans.