My Personality Type: The Groundbreaking Thinker

My Personality Type: The Groundbreaking Thinker

The Groundbreaking Thinker

Groundbreaking Thinkers are charming, enthusiastic persons. They really bubble over with energy and like to take centre stage. They love variety both professionally and privately. Groundbreaking Thinkers tackle changes consistently with their optimism and firm belief in their own abilities; they are always on the look-out for improvement possibilities.

Their excellent communication skills are of great advantage to them here. They approach the world with curiosity and openness and master new situations with a great deal of talent for improvising and with resourcefulness. Their spare time is taken up with a large number of hobbies; most Groundbreaking Thinkers like to travel in order to gather as many different impressions as possible. This personality type is unbeatable at discovering new possibilities.

In their work, Groundbreaking Thinkers highly rate challenges and diversified tasks. They cannot stand routine and too detailed work. They love to astound others with bold ideas for an original, new project and then leave it up to the others to implement them. Hierarchies, rules and regulations arouse their opposition and they love outsmarting the system. It is vital to them that they enjoy their work; if this is the case, they quickly become pure workaholics. Their creativity best takes effect when they work independently; but they are very good at motivating others and infecting them with their optimistic nature. Conceptual or advisory activities appeal especially to Groundbreaking Thinkers. It can happen that some people feel somewhat duped by their flexible, spontaneous nature.

Their sociability and enterprise ensure that Groundbreaking Thinkers always have a large circle of friends and acquaintances in which activity plays an important role. As they are mostly in a good mood, they are popular and very welcome guests. Grumbling and peevishness are unknown to them. However, they do tend to be a little erratic and unstable when it comes to obligations and this makes them appear to be unreliable to some. Groundbreaking Thinkers are very critical and demanding when it comes to picking a partner because they look for the ideal relationship and have a very concrete picture of this ideal relationship. Mutual aims in life are very important to them. They do not like compromising and would rather remain alone. For the partner, it is often a challenge to have a long-term relationship with a Groundbreaking Thinker. Groundbreaking Thinkers need a lot of space and diversity or otherwise they become bored and feel cramped. Types who are rather more traditionalistic often have problems with the willingness of Groundbreaking Thinkers to take risks and their often crazy, spontaneous actions. However, if one can summon up sufficient flexibility and tolerance for them, one will never be bored in their presence and will always have a loyal and faithful partner.

Adjectives that describe your type
extroverted, theoretical, logical, spontaneous, rational, innovative, intellectual, open, independent, curious, enterprising, analytical, clever, enthusiastic, venturesome, inventive, energetic, sociable, optimistic, non-conformist, creative, freedom-loving, charming, able to get enthusiastic, self-confident, communicative, capricious, inconsistent, outgoing

Current Events: Severe Weather

Best wishes (or condolences) to those out there in the plains states and here in the Midwest who are dealing with destruction and tragedy due to the severe weather and tornados that have have ripped through the region in the past few weeks. Moments before writing this from work we had a tornado siren going off nearby after seeing several weather alerts on the dozen TVs we have here in the bullpen.

Naturally, I’m the guy making jokes to take the edge off. I’m not too worried because I’m working in the city and rarely ever do tornadoes touch down in urban areas.

EDIT: Fast storm. Already it’s calm out there again. For now.

RE-EDIT (10:44 PM): Now that I’m home the second wave has moved in and is threatening to hit us in under 15 mins. So, if this is the end…well, goodbye, cruel world!

(radar view has real time tracking)

E-Book Publisher: 40k Books – Another Player in the Game

These folks at 40k Books hit me up on my Twitter account and are now following me. I’m guessing they found me through Smashwords. So I checked them out. One typo on the front page aside, what I’ve discovered looks pretty good. They publish only novelettes and novellas.  With that model they have published some Hugo Award and Nebula Award winning auhors, as they specialize in speculative fiction (sans fantasy). They are an international organization.

There is an interview over at Writer’s Digest: 40k Books is An E-Publisher That Specializes in Original Short Works

I like this quote from one of 40k Books’ essays: “Ever-tougher competition for eyeballs, coupled with drastic structural changes in the publishing industry – such as the rise of ebooks and the decline of traditional bookshops – means that today’s authors must adopt an entrepreneurial attitude. They need to take a leaf from the book that’s being written in the music business, where bands are building brands without the aid of record labels and similar intermediaries.”

“Writers, regrettably, are reluctant to take this responsibility. There is a widespread perception that culture and commerce are incompatible. Marketing is still erroneously associated with Yeats’s ‘greasy till’ and Orwell’s egregious ‘swill bucket’.”

Yet I am unaware of any advantage 40k Books would have over simply going rogue (i.e. the independent route) with Smashwords, but if you’re looking to push yourself beyond the short story form and go digital, you may as well explore all your options.

Of course, if you’re completely against the digtial revolution in publishing and loathe the idea of people reading your words on some silly electronic device, then completely disregard this information. 🙂

Geek Moment: Mass Effect Characters Video

This video of all my beloved Mass Effect (the best ever role playing videogame series) characters is so freaking awesome! The only problem with this person’s version is the female Commander Shepard. My primary Shepherd character, the paragon, is male (i.e. the default Shepard modeled on voice fashion model Mark Vanderloo). However, my renegade is female…and chocolate. Still, this is neat.

 UPDATED: 3/11/2010
And then there’s this pretty cool movie-like Mass Effect 2 trailer. The videogame industry is a fast-moving, almost ADD industry. The fact that gamers are still obsessed with this 14-month old game is a testament to its complete and utter awesomeness. Me, I still cannot express in mere words how much I love Mass Effect (especially the second installment). Much more than a mere videogame experience, considering its role-playing nature. It appeals so greatly to that sci-fi geek kid in me who loved Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactic, Buck Rogers, Aliens, Transformers and Robotech. When the third chapter comes out this Fall, my calendar will be cleared.

Beautiful Words

Good morning, humans! Today, let’s kick the day off with some words of wisdom I found, spoken by a certain fella who was known for being impossibly nice, exceedingly compassionate, and for having a certain little neighborhood in his name.

“Our world hangs like a magnificent jewel in the vastness of space. Every one of us is a part of that jewel, a facet of that jewel. And in the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal. We are intimately related.”
Fred Rogers (1928 – 2003)
Beautiful words, indeed.
You all have a great day.