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THE INSTITUTE by Stephen King

IMG_20190912_221322_299So I reached (actually exceeded) goal for the first week of the BranTina Book Club (friends who read together stay together 😁). We agreed on a pace of 10 ppd/70 ppw and I reached pg 75 on day 7. By this point we’ve met two of the gifted children, one of them through tragic means. One’s a TP, the other a TK. We think we know who’s going to eventually bust them out of the institute. Early on Uncle Stevie had me worried with that damn birds-eye-view narrative approach that felt a little plot-less in the earlier pages but it’s compelling now and I’m all in. King nerd that she is, Tina’s calling for a Charlie McGee cameo in this one, all things considered 🤓
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Curioddity – a novel by Paul Jenkins

I neva knewwww PAUL JENKINS had a novel out. Stumbled across it at the Dollar Tree of all places. I am becoming the king of bargain book buys. How’s that for alliteration?

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No Walls and the Recurring Dream – Ani DiFranco’s Memoir

I read a good 30-something pages the first night. The book offers a very rare intimate and introspective look into one of alternative music’s greatest singer-songwriter/musician/poet/activist/humanitarian.


Bookworm – Paper Girls and Skyward

Paper Girls – Vol. 5 from Image Comics (Buy)
Skyward – Vol. 2 from Image Comics (Buy)