1.24.20 – Sick Day #2


I wish the hawk would return to one of our trees so I could capture an image of it, though it would probably take flight before I could get the snap. I love the wild kingdom we have in our neighborhood. The hawks and owls being my favorites since I love raptors. I do miss the toads, though.

Anyway, not much change from yesterday’s weather photo snap. Such is winter in the Midwest. Consecutive days of gray overcast . . . you might mistake our region for the Pacific Northwest were it more green.

An hour ago I made breakfast for the child and I (and yes I did have my tea today). At our home I am famously the Breakfast Guy (you’d agree if you’d had my World Famous French Toast). I will stop short of saying that preparing breakfast is inherently a ‘guy thing’ but for me there’s no meal I’d rather prepare for my family. So when the rare opportunity to stay home with my youngest daughter and make breakfast for her arises, I relish it in both an instinctual and loving way.


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