The Quieting in 2020


I’ve been talking a while about the need to turn the volume down on external noise, the chief culprit of course being social media. The New Year is off to a good start so far in that regard. I still haven’t quite logged off of Facebook yet (or Instagram or Twitter), but I have avoided it more than usual the last 24 hours or so to end the Old Year and begin the New one. I’ll actively be doing more of that throughout the year. Even if I have to remove apps from my phone. The goal is to achieve a more virtual and actual quietude. For a clearer headspace, if nothing else.

Besides, I’ve got shit to do this year. Which is to say all the shit I didn’t do last year. And really who couldn’t use more reading, more writing and more rocking?

Noise-cancelling. Reclaim your attention. This is the way. You should do the same.


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  1. A couple years back I made a personal shift to only log in to Facebook and so on using incognito/in private tabs. It means I don’t stay logged in so it’s a little more hassle to get there. Funny thing, I don’t really miss, and it seems that it doesn’t miss me.

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