Wknd Rprt: June 2019 – Wk 5


  • Went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (also now known as Newfields: A Place for Nature and Arts) down in the big city as my life partner and I celebrated 15 years together. Neither of us had been (I may have way back in grade school, but can’t remember) and we’d always wanted to go, so we did and we took LOTS of pictures of so much amazing art, many of which I’ll be sharing in a series here under the headline title of Artjunkie (Fun Fact: Artjunkie was my old online handle way back in the LiveJournal days of 2003-04). logo_for_oph
  • We started our Saturday celebration activities with a yummy breakfast at the Original Pancake House. Who knew that chopped toasted Georgian pecans would be so tasty on French toast?


  • The historic Oldfields Lilly House and Gardens was quite a think to behold. We took a tour of the gardens and greenhouse as well as the manse with its awesome 42 rooms (not all available to the public) and impressive library area that I would have liked to somehow transpose to my house!


  • We ate dinner at the El Meson Mexican Restaurant where I tried a wet burrito for the first time. It was most delish. Everything I’ve had there the past year has been wonderful.
  • A stop at the local comic shop, Comic Carnival (my former employer from some 25 years ago) and Barnes and Noble produced a few book purchases that I probably shouldn’t have made, but I have a book problem, you see. I’ll show my haul in a later post.
  • Played guitar for a lot of hours this weekend — in fact, I think I’ve played guitar the past month more than I have in all of the five previous months combined. Perhaps. Maybe I exaggerate. But still, when you have a live show looming in a month (now a week), fingers get real busy if you want to achieve proficiency in your rhythms and fluidity in your melodies.
  • Did not get much reading in this weekend, but I think I have a plan to fix my reading backlog woes, which I will also share in a later post.





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