I’ve always been more of a band guy than a solo musician so being in a band always incentivizes me to play my instruments more often than when I’m just playing for myself. Playing music is always a fulfilling experience but it’s tenfold more rewarding when playing along with other musicians. For the past month since joining in the formation of a new band and rehearsing with them at least once a week in preparation for our first show (confidently booked prior to our full formation), I have been playing at home everyday for at least an hour, incentavized by the drive to master my parts and, by extension, assure my bandmates that we’ve got this and we’re going to slay onstage come June 5th. You’re only as strong, or as tight as your weakest link and no one wants to be that. And now it’s Wednesday and I’m off work and will be off to band practice in a couple of hours.

My practice at-home setup for the bedroom.

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