Station Identification – Testing, Testing!

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Is this thing still on? If you’re able to read this then it means I have survived my recent untold misadventures into the unknown!

I haven’t made one of these station idents in nearly two years, so here we go . . .

Hello and welcome.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read anything I post here. I think all writers write with the hope — hell, the dire need for a reading audience and I am no exception, despite the recent dearth of postings here of late.

Obviously this is my little humble corner of the Interwebs and blogosphere where I’ll pretty much muse and rave about the creative things I’m doing or consuming, which is predominantly reading, writing and rocking out to the music I love, and everything in between. My posting activities here have been very sporadic the last year or so, but I intend to use this space more regularly starting this week.

Curious newbies can learn more about me here.

This blog contains a number of running journals: Daybook, Lifebook, Journal Juice,  Notebook, Thinkbook, The Evening Muse, The Morning Muse and Workbook, which can all be more directly accessed via the menu above. I will continue to add to them periodically as the need arises.

As for social media follows, they are as follows:

And if you have a comic book fetish you can join me there where I occasionally share my graphical fiction indulgences.


PROJECT MISERY (codename for a developing serial)


SOUTHERN BASTARDS: Vol. 4 – Gut Check by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour





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