Wattpad and FictionPress

Wattpad | FictionPress Asking for a friend -- I have questions about each. Those of you who have experienced either or both: Have you uploaded your writing works to either? What has your experience been like -- pros and cons? Is there a good community -- is it legit? Do you use the Wattpad app … Continue reading Wattpad and FictionPress


NSWM 2018 Edition

I haven't read one of these in long, long time. Stumbled across the newest edition at the library yesterday. Worth a look-see if I decide to start submitting and publishing short stories again next year. The last time I submitted a story and published a byline was nearly three years ago and prior to that … Continue reading NSWM 2018 Edition

Nic Pizzolatto on Writing

I recently finished reading Pizzolatto's debut southern crime novel Galveston. While reviewing it on Goodreads I stumbled across this video. After hearing something he said here it got me I'm thinking maybe that's been my problem over the last 25 years, because I've always also been a musician, maybe not full-time, but certainly in tandem … Continue reading Nic Pizzolatto on Writing