History in fiction | Jennifer Macaire

A blogger friend not long ago published a post about writing notes for historical novels. It’s a good idea, and got me thinking about making some for my books, the time travel saga set in ancient Greece and Persia. On the other hand, I don’t want to pretend that my books are scholarly or academic … Continue reading History in fiction | Jennifer Macaire


A Perfect Date

~ Daybook #10 ~ The wife and I had a rare night out sans children last night and what we had to show for it was a nice Mexican dinner (with dessert -- fried ice cream) at a place we'd never been to before, and the other thing we had to show for our evening … Continue reading A Perfect Date

“Frequently asked questions” | Nick Denton (via Medium)

Wow. I've been obsessed with and concerned about the Fourth and Fifth Estates for a while. Some serious intrigue in this FAQ by Nick Denton, posted to Medium on March 22nd. An excerpt and link follows. The sale of Gizmodo and other properties is concluded, the litigation around Gawker.com settled, and my next project underway. … Continue reading “Frequently asked questions” | Nick Denton (via Medium)

London Grammar Finally Announces New Album

It's only been like forever since London Grammar released their debut album If You Wait back in 2013. I didn't become aware of it myself until the late winter of 2015 (along with Daughter's If You Leave). Well, the wait is only a few months longer as their sophomore album, Truth Is a Beautiful Thing drops this June. … Continue reading London Grammar Finally Announces New Album

In Response to Justin Trudeau’s Pipeline Dreams

Recently, a friend who has quite the “celebrity crush” on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as both a world leader AND a heartthrob, shared a video by The Other 98% to her Facebook timeline that looked to balance the view of Mr. Trudeau with details about his desire to build three pipelines in his native … Continue reading In Response to Justin Trudeau’s Pipeline Dreams