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First things first.
This is not really about “Brandon Rucker News”, it’s more about connecting with other interesting people and intellectual minds, sharing our thoughts, interests, passions, gripes and ideas with each other, and more. Sure, I’m taking the lead by asking you to join me and allow me to inform and entertain you for maybe five minutes at most, but I’m also hoping to inspire you to do the same so that you can in return inform and entertain me as well, perhaps with your own series of newsletters.
But why a newsletter? Why not keep rocking the blog?

Short answer: it seems like a cool thing to do. Long answer: I’m still rocking the blog, but its contents will now be less personal and hopefully broader in scope. Yet, while the overall reach of personal blogs/websites has decreased some in recent years due to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, mass-mailed newsletters have made a comeback the last couple of years (primarily with the literary crowd, of course). There are a few I’m subscribed to by other writers and I’ve been inspired to finally join in activity. Could be a failed experiment, but I’m giving it a shot anyway.

I have blogged semi-regularly the past seven years, and I’ve exhausted the functionality of both Facebook and Twitter and am starting to pull back from both, and the blog some, in terms of personal content.  I’m ready to try this new experiment and fill it with personal content, sharing the kind of things I know you would appreciate receiving.

I’ve no idea what frequency this will be, but bi-weekly seems to be ideal and not too much of a bother, though maybe just kind of whenever I have enough to share? Who knows what day of the week, I mean, I was born on a Wednesday, so maybe?
I Appreciate You

At any rate, I THANK YOU for lending me a few minutes of your time whenever you stop by this blog, and if you’re subscribing to the newsletter, I thank you for that as well. I always try my damnedest not to waste your time or take it for granted.

All the best,

– B.


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