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I haven’t been able to embrace this approach in well over a decade, much to my chagrin and detriment. Since they first became intent on literary matrimony, I’ve not been able to divorce the writer in me from the editor in me. It’s time for an abrupt separation.

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  1. Akaluv says:

    Thanks! I really needed to read something like this. A few mean people posted a horrible review about one of my stories, and it really upset me. The story they wrote the review for is still being worked on. I haven’t even written the rest of the story yet, so I know I have to rewrite some things and fix my world.

    It sucks when fellow writers do things just to hurt another writer.

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    1. Yeah, it does. That was one thing that I kind if started railing against, the fact that in writing workshops and groups we deal with people who are in an inherently competitive position and may not truly be trying to help due to a conflict of competitive interest. I got to a point where I’d rather have an editor or non-writer/general reader give me feedback, y’know?

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      1. Akaluv says:

        Ah, I agree with you. It’s one reason I left Wattpad. The site was too much like a competition than an actual writing site. All the “popular” writers stuck to each other and treated the other writers poorly.

        The group that reviewed my story hate me – I mean they dislike me, a lot, so I could tell their review was just to hurt me. Right now, I try to stay around only writer friends I trust. =)

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  2. When dealing with blatantly trolling, hateful people ya just gotta put your turtle shell on and deflect their barbs because you know at least 90% of what they’re saying is garbage.


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