Ruckin’ With You | 10.9.16 | Library’s Open!

I’d really like to be ruckin’ with y’all proper today, however, I’m not going to be able to because…

I’m on vacation!!!

Out of town with the fam this week, on a multi-stop adventure which commenced this morning with a 6-hour drive. I sure hope to get a lot of backlogged reading done during the down time of this week. Perhaps some plotting during the quiet hours in the hotel room.

I will say this though: this past week I was pretty much obsessed with launching my new website:


I hope you’ll all check out, and Like, and add it to your WP Reader, or FOLLOW to be notified of updates.

RUCKERPEDIA, which has been in the works for a while, is my online Library of Works site which is home to my various creative works like a variety of forms of fiction, poetry and lyrics. Currently stocked with about 15 pieces, with another 5 on deck and at least a total of 25 works to be uploaded this month alone. I’d say by year’s end, if all goes well, I will have uploaded about 60 previously-written pieces total. Although I’m planning on getting back into the habit of writing and submitting new works, I may also publish some new stuff on RUCKERPEDIA as well.

Quick Notes

Marvel’s LUKE CAGE on Netflix is quite awesome.

WESTWORLD on HBO is pretty neat as well.



Another couple of handy ruckin’ links for ya:

About Ruckerpedia

 Ruckerpedia on Facebook

Okay, that’s all the ruckin’ I’ve got for this week.

Be good to each other.

Have a great week.



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  1. Akaluv says:

    Have a good vacation!


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