The Mission | Lyrics

Calm the savage beast with my music so smooth

I initiate the groove to make your body move

You can feel it all inside you as it reaches your core

Get up off your back and put your feet to the floor

Like a moth to a flame, you can feel the burn

The rhythm will confront you at your every turn

Like a beacon in the dark to lead you through the night

You can swim these tranquil waters ‘cause you know it’s all right

We’re one nation under a groove, these are times to heal

You know my word is bond ‘cause my name is For Real

Life is not as bad or as good as it seems

But we should never give up on our positive dreams

I’m not comin’ at’chu with elaborate schemes

I just wanna rock your body ‘til it’s ripping the seams

We’ve got no precious time for ridiculous schisms

We’re people on a mission for the ill-est of rhythms

Don’t take this all lightly ‘cause the message is serious

I don’t suffer fools ‘cause they get me all furious

You know you can’t stop the sensation

It’s time to unite this lost nation

There’s only one simple thing we can do

Don’t think I’m naïve ‘cause my mission is lofty

I be makin’ music like others be makin’ coffee

But I try not to scrap ‘cause I’m a wannabe pacifist

Don’t come at me with that noise ‘cause I’m just not havin’ it

I bring you this message only ‘cause it’s so real

Think about it deep and know my name is For Real

Written between 4/28/09 – 5/7/09. Released sometime in 2009.

Copyright © 2009 | RuckerWrites | @RuckerWrites

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