Top 5 | Fast Food Apple Pie / Turnover

This is just per my personal opinion as a connoisseur of these kinds of things.

1. Popeye’s – Just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar on the outside. Plus a hint of . . . butter?

2. Rally’s – The former champ, but it can be overkill with all the cinnamon and sugar on the outside.

3. Hardee’s – They assumed the old standard style that McDonald’s abandoned in the 90s. Unaddorned with a sugary/cinnamony coating, which is an extra feature you sometimes don’t really want. This is the perfect alternative.

4. Burger King – The only pie-shaped, traditional pie on this list. They even call it Dutch. Really tasty, but often leaves you unfulfilled because it’s gone in like three bites.

5. McDonald’s – I’m old and crusty enough to remember when they used to have one similar to what Hardee’s currently has. It took a while for me to come around to the current one at Mickey D’s. It probably only makes it on this list because I can’t think any others in the fast food game.

So, there you have it. The definitive list according to yours truly.

Choose wisely.

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Brandon L. Rucker

Brandon L. Rucker is a musician and writer of fiction, nonfiction and journalism. Armed with grammar and diction, plus an uncanny sense of rhythm and melody, he is at-large and potentially dangerous. Be wary.

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