MusicBox 1 | Motosota

~ This is #musicbox on #ruckology In which Brandon L. Rucker plays virtual DJ, pulling out the jams from his personal collection of tunes for you. ~ 

Flashback, memory lane time. Today, August 4th, marks the 11th anniversary of the release of the long player CD trans.metro.politik by my former band Motosota (2004-2009), an instrumental ambient/jazz-rock band that I joined in May of 2005. We recorded the 12-song album in July, 2005 with studio owner and engineer Alex Kercheval. This marked the first time I’d done professional recording as a bassist, rather than a guitarist. It was with this band that I made my long return to the stage after a decade-long absence when we played our CD release show at Locals Only on this day eleven years ago. Good times. I don’t recall even being nervous.

Some of my favorite music I’ve ever composed or helped create was done during my four years in this band. On this album in particular “Comma”, which was the first song I contributed material to; “Ichi” the first song I initiated in the band; “Visceral Lei” perhaps my favorite to play; “Gun Is in the Glovebox” another that I took the lead on, and “Vincent Got Mad” being the one where the drummer and I really locked into a tight groove together.

In July of 2007 we released our second studio recording, an extended player entitled In Outer Orbit which wasn’t quite as jazzy as its predecessor and also boasted a different drummer. I took lead on “Son of Frankenstein” and “Echo Chamber” and even played a little piano on the outro to the closing track “Fluctuation VS Dissipation”.

The later, final lineup of the band demoed several songs but did not release any of it as a proper recording or on a physical format. After our early January 2009 break-up I took on the role of custodian and made sure our music was available online. That final lineup, which pretty much eschewed the jazz leanings in favor of more pop leanings, yielded the standout songs “Moto 2” and “Monstrosity” (with female vocals).

I’d been dragging my feet on getting us setup on Bandcamp, which has widgets that work well with WordPress. Currently the only widgets I have to share are ReverbNation which don’t seem to want to display here. So follow this link to check out the tunes if you’re interested. I’ll revise this after I get Moto-Bandcamp up and running or something. Also, the YouTube video (audio only) below is for the song “Monstrosity” from 2008, featuring Brian Jarecki (guitar), Paul Hardie (drums), Amy Johnson (vocals) and myself on bass, recorded by Alex Kerchval (keyboards).



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