Elements of Style Collage: Quotes

From Quintessential Editor   Today’s blog post is a simple quote collage I threw together in Photoshop.  All of these quotes come from the book, The Elements of Style, written by William Strunk Jr., and E.B. White… Source: Elements of Style Collage: Quotes


Daybook 6 | The Power of Collaboration

I became a serious musician (in 1989) a few years before I became a novice writer (in 1993) and a serious writer (in 1997) – at age 15, 19 and 23, respectively. When you’re in a band you learn quickly the power of collaboration with other creative souls. Music is one of the most communal … Continue reading Daybook 6 | The Power of Collaboration

A Nice Warm Welcome, Right?

~ written sometime in 1998 ~ The abrupt sound of knocking on the door echoed throughout the studio and startled him.  Aside from his parole officer, he had no other company to expect. “Mister Johns, you in there?” That was the annoying voice of the landlord, Albert McFarland coming from behind the door.  The man … Continue reading A Nice Warm Welcome, Right?

A Musician on Patience

If you're a musician in a band then it means you have likely achieved Olympic-level patience because so much of being a musician in a band is simply waiting. And waiting. And hurrying up and waiting. -- Brandon L. Rucker, 6/4/2016

Quote: Dean Koontz on Writing Novels

This week's writer-ly quote is another analogy, and like last week's Stephen King quote, this one compares physical activities . . . Writing a novel is a lot like making love, but it's also like having a tooth pulled. Pleasure and pain. Sometimes it's like making love while having a tooth pulled.