Workbook 6 | March: Ramping Up

Hello, Spring. You’ve been missed. And I’ve been busy. Sorta. Been a while since I’ve done one of these so let’s get right to it. Current Project: Comeback The past month or so has been devoted to making a comeback in a couple of different ways. A kind of rebirth. Emerging from the dark cold … Continue reading Workbook 6 | March: Ramping Up


Lifebook 3 | Indecision & Creative Inertia

Months on end now, since the waning days of last summer, I had been battling what can only be described as typical Libran indecisiveness, which in turn leads to stasis and creative inertia. Write that much coveted all-American novel? Write short stories? Earnestly try to finally break into writing comics and graphic novels – which … Continue reading Lifebook 3 | Indecision & Creative Inertia

The Evening Muse 4 | Tick-Tock

As we entered Daylight Savings Time this past week and gave up an hour of our lives to Spring forward, I was reminded that I have a strange – or more specifically, strained – relationship with time. I have often felt an unending urge to beat time, somehow, someway. There has always been this ticking … Continue reading The Evening Muse 4 | Tick-Tock

New Book: Lost Storm Rider | A Novel by Jennifer Macaire

Jenny Mac is back! In April, the sequel to Riders of the Lightning Storm will be out! Get ready to continue the adventure! And here (drumroll….) is the new cover! "...featuring an intimately detailed plot, Horse Passages is very highly recommended as action/adventure science fiction novel and an altogether entertaining read.” -- Midwest Book Review  You … Continue reading New Book: Lost Storm Rider | A Novel by Jennifer Macaire

Lifebook 2 | Sugar Detox

It wasn’t that long ago, that fateful day. The day I was diagnosed as diabetic – onset of the disease diabetes mellitus. 6.1.13. The day I went to the ER with severe lethargy, dry mouth, unquenchable thirst and a frequent urination schedule. Actually I was quite beyond just the mere onset of the disease, I … Continue reading Lifebook 2 | Sugar Detox

The Morning Muse 8 | Madness

I’m convinced that the madness of the artist is a real and true thing, indeed.  It’s probably nothing short of an affliction, a psychosis kind of disease that’s devoid of a cure.  The symptoms of said disease are not overtly noticeable.  They are internal, within the mind.  An artist suffering from it can smile perfectly … Continue reading The Morning Muse 8 | Madness

Lifebook 1 | Belated New Year’s Brief

Hello! And, um, Happy New Year!?!? Yeah, I know, I’m really late. I guess it’s been a long minute since I’ve posted a proper update. A New Year has come and gotten well underway since the last time I discussed my life activities, or confessed in stark detail my ongoing creative struggles – or what … Continue reading Lifebook 1 | Belated New Year’s Brief