Straight Outta Compton | It’s Not A Documentary

To put the bottom line at the top here: I came straight outta the movie theater last weekend  thoroughly entertained by this N.W.A biopic. At least on a popcorn movie level. What served me and my unfettered enjoyment going in is the acknowledgment of the inherent nature of the biopic. Firstly, you can’t effectively distill … Continue reading Straight Outta Compton | It’s Not A Documentary


LINKAGE: Brandon Rucker Writes @ Blogger

Reactivated. If only because absolutely no one demanded it. Go there now: Brandon Rucker Writes

Daybook 2 | Update Untitled

I Got Nothing Firstly, I have no Workbook update to share this past week (or the past week before that) because, honestly, there wasn’t any of that kind of work done the past couple of weeks. Re-calibrating Like Garrus * Making some reconfigurations and changes here and abroad, and so things will be a little different here after … Continue reading Daybook 2 | Update Untitled

My Fiction – Pieces of Candice (eBook)

Pieces of Candice: A Horror Story The Tease Told in a voice of madness and menace inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, "Pieces of Candice" is the first-person account of what happened when a helpless young woman in a desperate situation ventured into the dark woods for help. It's psychological horror right in step with classics … Continue reading My Fiction – Pieces of Candice (eBook)

My Fiction – The Underneath (eBook)

The Underneath: A Bizzaro Flash of Horror The Tease After Ramsey discovers a strange blemish his life takes a swift turn into a painful, surreal experience, leaving him to wonder: is this real life? Author's Commentary This one was published a couple of years back in the bizarro print anthology LIKE FROZEN STATUES OF FLESH, compiled by … Continue reading My Fiction – The Underneath (eBook)

My Fiction – Finder Kept (eBook)

Finder Kept: A Tale of Unintended Fate The Tease Like Pandora's Box, some things are simply best left buried or undisturbed. When a drunken homeless person unwittingly acquires a strange object from a man who is obviously running for his life, the homeless person's apparent new fortune takes an instant turn for the worse. This … Continue reading My Fiction – Finder Kept (eBook)

The Morning Muse 7 | Love/Hate/Love

For the sake of consistency, if nothing else, I need to fall in and stay in love with my own words and simply endure the fact that, with little-to-no outside validation, I’ll largely be the only one loving those words most of time. Otherwise this on again/off again, touch n’ go, stop n’ go, either/or … Continue reading The Morning Muse 7 | Love/Hate/Love