A Very Bad Day

~ written 1/24/2006 ~ CRUNCH. That was the sound Caleb Shaw heard while lying on the pavement as he watched a steel-toed boot stomp his left hand—the hand he had used for fingering the fret board of his Les Paul guitar just an hour ago—and the cell phone that was in it.  That was after … Continue reading A Very Bad Day


He Must Be Dreaming

~ written 2/27/2006 ~ I had to be dreaming. That’s the only way to explain it ‘cause there’s no goddamn way I was lying next to her, holding her in my arms snug and safe, her smelling the way she always does, like a bouquet of flowers, making me go stiff like a stale cadaver … Continue reading He Must Be Dreaming

A Matter of Perspective

~ written 2/24/2006 ~ "The way I see it I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. That sounds a little strange coming from a degenerate gambler like me, but it all depends on at what perspective in The Game I'm saying it from. When I'm up on cloud seven, nine and eleven, winning … Continue reading A Matter of Perspective

Warren Ellis on Commercial Storytelling

I am a proud and eager subscriber of writer Warren Ellis' weekly newsletter Oribital Operations.  On a weekly basis (or therabouts) I can expect him to touch upon various topics that run the gamut of intelligent, thought-provoking, humorous and enlightening. A couple of weeks ago he stated something that really stopped me in my tracks, … Continue reading Warren Ellis on Commercial Storytelling

Journal Juice 11 | Little Sister

It was only a year ago, perhaps, that we finally reconnected after so many long years of estrangement, forced and unforced. I was so glad to finally repair the disconnect that wayward siblings tend to create between them over the years. Of all of us kids you were always the wildchild, always anxious and on-the-go, yet clearly … Continue reading Journal Juice 11 | Little Sister

The Rucker Report: May 2015 – Forward and Backward

A week and a couple of days late.  Why?  Because, as an “author’s update” there’s really not much to report, since little of what was detailed from the previous update in April has been progressed upon.  However, I’ve committed myself to these monthly updates from a devotional and routine standpoint, so I’m pushing through after taking some time to contemplate … Continue reading The Rucker Report: May 2015 – Forward and Backward

GALILEE by Clive Barker

Clive Barker’s 1998 unrivaled tenth novel Galilee  (subtitled as "A Romance" inside the cover, and also known as Galilee: A Novel of the Fantastic) is hands down one of the greatest novels I’ve ever read.  It became the inspiration for a novel series I’d thought up one cold winter evening earlier this year.  It’s funny that I’ve … Continue reading GALILEE by Clive Barker