Journal Juice 8 | Inert

There are times when there is so much I need to do – and so much that I truly want to do and accomplish and succeed at – that at the end of the day I find myself having done none of it at all.  No progress made.  Nothing ventured.  Nothing offered.  Nothing gained.  It … Continue reading Journal Juice 8 | Inert


New Music: “White Walker” by Mastodon

Featured on the forthcoming Catch the Throne Mixtape II, the musical companion to HBO's Game of Thrones, to be released March 17th.  Please note: this song will induce an eargasm upon any an all listeners. You have been warned. - BLR

The Rucker Report: Week 10, 2015 – Back from Blah

After a month of snowpocalypse and general winter frigidity, a musical rollercoaster with band shenanigans, bouts of frustration and depression (nothing too serious), minor health concerns and a brief automobile recall scare… Hello from the gutter!  I am returned.   This little online journal-that-could now has garnered 284 followers since December.  For those of you new … Continue reading The Rucker Report: Week 10, 2015 – Back from Blah


In this latest edition of “friends of B” spotlights I have fellow music enthusiast and writer buddy Reggie Lutz (call her Regina at your own peril).  Ms. Lutz is the rather seriously talented and up-and-coming author of the novel Haunted. Here's a summary tease from the Amazon listing description: Gwendolyn McTutcheon can’t move on even though … Continue reading MEET REGGIE LUTZ – AUTHOR OF HAUNTED


There’s an interesting article on Don Massenzio’s Blog entitled “Self-Publishing – Your Fellow Authors are not Your Enemies – Let’s Help Each Other”.  As many of us have learned in our arduous journey through writing and publishing, it’s our fellow authors who have been great resources to us.  If you’re an author in the self-publishing … Continue reading SELF-PUBLISHING IS NOT A CONTACT SPORT


I’ve always been one of splintered interests and activities, and by natural consequence of that, a rather transient attention span.  But as I get more active and, let’s face it, older, I have less time (read: patience) for hopping fro-and-to various locations. For instance, social networking – I typically only have the mental patience to dabble in … Continue reading CONSOLIDATION & TONAL SHIFT